It looks like Vtuber Uruha Rushia tried to kill herself by overdose

It Looks Like Vtuber Uruha Rushia Tried To Kill Herself By Overdose It Looks Like Vtuber Uruha Rushia Tried To Kill Herself.webp

Some time ago, we published here the gigantic controversy involving Uruha Rushia about betrayal and that she is a difficult person to deal with. This is a case from March 14th, but it seems that ex-Vtuber Uruha Rushia tried to kill herself, as some reports of this attempt say.

Original story:

Vtuber Uruha Rushia tried to kill herself

Let’s check out Uruha Rushia’s report, who now goes by Mikeneko, about her situation:

It Looks Like Vtuber Uruha Rushia Tried To Kill Herself By Overdose

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience I caused you. Recently, I was informed of unjustified things in a dispute with the other party, I was deprived of my favorite job, and I suffered and felt unstable every day due to the large amount of slander that occurred for taking a person’s opinion into account.

That day I had several flashbacks and impulsively took a large dose of medicine. Apparently a neighbor friend who knew about my situation rushed to the hospital and called an ambulance. Apparently, he accompanied me throughout the journey, from the ambulance to the doctor’s explanation and hospital discharge. I am very grateful to him because I was stunned until I was discharged.

It Looks Like Vtuber Uruha Rushia Tried To Kill Herself By Overdose

The hospital recommended that I remain hospitalized, but I was able to leave with the promise that the next day I would definitely go to the psychosomatic clinic and that my friend would accompany me when I returned home.

I’m sorry that my weak heart has caused you, the viewers, a lot of worry. I’m really sorry I let you down, even though you’ve always supported me. I will do my best to keep my spirits up until the conflict is resolved, and I will continue to visit hospitals and work hard until I get results.

I cannot give details because the litigation is ongoing, but speculative slander based on one-sided opinions has increased considerably. Please refrain from making assumptions until the matter is resolved, thank you.

I’m sorry I did something really stupid and took a lot of medicine. It’s more painful than dying, so if you think about doing something like that, please, seriously, don’t do it.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling sick and in pain for a few days now. I didn’t want to go into too much detail, but I hope I can help in some way so you never overdose. I know it’s unprofessional of me to say I did this and at the same time tell you not to do it, but thank you for your cooperation.”

There were many doubts about Uruha Rushia’s report, among the many comments, we can highlight: “Wow, she supposedly had an overdose and they let her leave the hospital the same day without gastric lavage, without blood tests and without calling a family member, and the next day she is already posting on Twitter. It seems very believable.”

Whether Vtuber Uruha Rushia tried to kill herself or not, many have doubts. And his history on the internet continues to grow in a troubled way.

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