Japan: Actresses protest against the new AV law

Japan: Actresses Protest Against The New Av Law Japan Actresses Protest Against The New Av Law

A while ago, we talked here about the new AV law, and that many adult actresses and other people in the industry are quite dissatisfied with the proposal for this law.

This law is known as the “Appearance Damage Prevention and Relief Law”, and came into force in June 2022, but this law will be revised in June 2024 and adult actresses did not like some points and want it to be revised.

Actresses protest against the new AV law

Many actresses and others linked to the industry began a signature campaign on February 9 in nine provinces in an attempt to get this law limiting the filming and publishing of adult content revised.

Actresses Protest Against The New Av Law Actresses Protest Against The New Av Law

On February 10, a signature campaign was held in Akihabara, Tokyo, where three AV actresses, including Riko Hoshino and Sakiwa Sasaki, and directors and other industry employees shared their thoughts:

“The AV market in Japan is about to disappear. People who work in adult video production also have lives and livelihoods. A mistaken law is about to be approved in parliament”

“We want the new AV law to be changed to be more artist-friendly”

“We oppose any form of discrimination. We want to help secure the future of actresses. Please help us make our voices heard in parliament.”

Riko Hoshino says:

“If things continue like this, there is a sense of crisis that AVs will disappear and the environment is becoming increasingly difficult to work in. I want people to hear the voices of those who are actually working on the ground. It’s about human rights. I feel like my pride in my work is being trampled on.”

And at a hearing held at the National Diet on January 31, Satoshi Hamada, member of the House of Councilors of the Party to Protect the People of NHK, and other industry members spoke about the impact of the new AV law, including a decrease in the number of productions and the need for new actresses in mid-career.

The Association for the Optimization of the AV Industry, which sponsored the signature campaign, highlighted that the new AV law prohibits filming, actresses must wait one month after signing the contract, and publishing, production companies must wait four months after filming, which disrupts work styles and business operations.

The association highlighted that excessive restrictions on people violate the freedom of business based on the Freedom of Choice of Profession in Article 22 of the Constitution, and they plan to collect signatures for this law to be revised.

Actresses Protest Against The New Av Law

“The new AV law has some positive points, but also many negative points,” said director Hitoshi Futamura, founder of the association. ”The name is more insulting than anything else. The AV Appearance Damage Prevention and Relief Act refers to the word ‘damage’.

The dignity of girls who take pride in their work in adult videos is being seriously degraded. I want to see a law that at least recognizes adult content and at the same time monitors any irregularities.”

And regarding the filming and publication ban, Futamura said the following: ”I think it’s good for girls appearing in AV for the first time, but I don’t think it’s safe for those who make a living in AV. I want them to have more freedom”

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