Japan receives a bronze statue of Chun Li

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On March 9, a new statue of the strongest woman in the world was inaugurated by Street Fighter in Nara, Japan. According to the city newspaper, this monument is part of a collaboration established in 2022 between the Capcomand the city of Kashihara which belongs to Nara prefecture.

Standing approximately 1.5 meters tall, which includes the base, the bronze statue of Chun Li can be found in front of the Kashihara City Council branch, the city of Kenzo Tsujimotothe founder of Capcom.

Street Fighter was linked to Kashihara long before this collaboration. It all started in 1995 when an educational anime film was released with characters from the series titled Street Fighter II: Return to the Fujiwara Capital where he presented the first integrated capital of Japan, Fujiwara-kyo, founded 1300 and today became the city of Kashihara.

The Chun Li statue was crowdfunded and surpassed its goal of 5,550,000 yen (about 37,680 USD) thanks to donations from 34 people. Before its inauguration, a martial arts demonstration was held by the local high school club and participants were also able to play some games of Street Fighter 6.

As you walk around the city, you can also find a bronze statue of Ryu that was unveiled last year, or three colorful manhole covers featuring Ryu, Chun Li and the group from the 1995 educational anime film. confirmed that it will hold more events and add more characters to its list of statues street Fighter in the future, namely those of Ken and E. Honda.

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