Japanese call for boycott of Shogakukan

Japanese Call For Boycott Of Shogakukan Japanese Call For Boycott Of Shogakukan

Not long ago, we published the tragic story from Sexy Tanaka-san author Asihara Hinako, who killed herself due to the turn the live-action adaptation of her manga took.

Public outrage increased when NTV, the live-action producer, issued a statement stating that all episode scripts had been approved by Shogakukan. Now, Japanese people are calling for a boycott of Shogakukan, a publisher known for publishing titles such as Sousou in Frieren and Detective Conan.

Japanese call for boycott of Shogakukan

Some Japanese see the boycott of Shogakukan as a way of expressing all their discontent with the publisher’s lack of support for the author and they want Shogakukan to take on this responsibility.

Japanese Call For Boycott Of Shogakukan

Some people also point out that those who want a boycott need to be careful, as they would be harming other authors who depend on the publisher to publish their work.

”I don’t want to buy from Shogakukan, so I want you to publish elsewhere. It depends on how you feel about it.”

”But go out of your way to tell people that this is just poor maintenance of a twisted nature. It’s the same as throwing food in the trash or trampling it in front of farmers.”

“People who are in favor of boycotting Shogakukan out of resentment controls her are blaming the perpetrators”

”I don’t want publishers to get paid! The result of “I don’t want publishers to make money” is that “the authors I support don’t make money or achievements”

”Those who complain probably see him as “an enemy trying hard to publish Shogakukan in these times”, what a disaster these days are”

This tragic story about Sexy Tanaka-san shocked Japan. Companies that publish manga, work with anime, series and films have already promised be as faithful as possible to prevent cases like this from occurring again in the future.

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