Japanese game creators share their ambitions for 2024

Japanese Game Creators Share Their Ambitions For 2024 Steinsgate Na Netflix

Steins;Gate On Netflix

A Famitsu published wishes for the year 2024 from many Japanese game creators. Since Square Enix to the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studiobelow you will find some of the ambitions of game creators in Japan for the year 2024.

Naoto Tominaga (Idea Factory): “There are still some projects that have not yet been announced, including several unexpected works from Compile Heart”

Hikaru Yasui (Idea Factory): “The staff is working together to progress the development of several new titles announced in 2023, so stay tuned for more information. Also, look forward to new development for Neptune!!

Naoya Shimokawa (Aquaplus): “We are in the middle of preparing several things. It may take a little longer, but please look forward to it”

Takuma Endo (Acquire): “In 2024, I hope to make higher quality games and tackle a completely new genre. (This is a fabrication, if I can think of anything)”

Shinjiro Takada (Atlus): “We plan to release Vanillaware’s Unicorn Overlord and one more title. I would also like to continue working on future projects simultaneously.”

Shinsuke Umeda (IzanagiGames): “We’re currently working on unannounced games, including a multiplayer versus game, so we’re looking forward to that!”

Naoki Horii (M2): “We have been working hard to port and remake the games we love, but I think we will soon release new games that can be described as the 'continuation of the games we love'”

Masachika Kawata (Capcom): “There are a lot of things I can’t talk about right now, but we will make progress on this and that from 2024 onwards”

Ren Yamazaki (Grasshopper Manufacture): “I think we could announce something in 2024”

Kazuma Kujo (Granzella): “In 2024, we will quietly launch a new production studio to bring back something that was missing while we were working on game production at Granzella”

Hisashi Koinuma (Koei Tecmo): “We are taking on the challenge of launching a new title, so we will do our best to make it a reality”

Tomohiko Sho (Koei Tecmo): “I'm working hard with my colleagues to release a title that we can call the culmination of 28 years of my life as a game designer (or so I say)”

Akihiro Suzuki (Koei Tecmo): (On the future development of the 'Shin Sangoku Musou' series) “We will do our best to provide new information to everyone in 2024”

Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi (Konami): “We are working hard to bring good news for this commemorative year. Please look forward to it, PowerPro (Power Pro Yakyuu) and ProSpi (Professional Baseball Spirits) fans!”

Hiroyuki Kobayashi (GPTRACK50): “October 1, 2024 will be the second anniversary of GPTRACK50, so I hope we can announce the title of an action RPG console game we are developing.”

Michiharu Mori (Shueisha Games): “We’re actually working on 13 projects, so I think there will be a few titles we can release information about this year!”

Tomoya Asano (Square Enix): “2023 was a year of preparation, but we have some titles that will enter the final phase of development”

Yosuke Saito (Square Enix): “We are preparing several things to do as 'surprises' in early 2024, which we mentioned is the key word”

Toshimichi Mori (Studio Flare): “My current goal is to be able to inform everyone about the project I am planning as quickly as possible”

Shohei Sakakibara (Spike Chunsoft): “We will continue to do our best to deliver work that makes players say 'Ah!' and 'Gyah!?' or 'Upupupu…'”

Masayoshi Yokoyama (Sega): “I hope to make another big announcement in 2024!”

Kotaro Uchikoshi (Tokyo Games): “I believe we will be able to announce an insane title that will be remembered in video game history sometime in 2024”

Yoshimi Yasuda (Dragami Games): “Although we are not at the stage of making any announcements yet, we are developing another new title in addition to Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP”

Yu Mizokami (Nippon Ichi Software): “It looks like 2024 will be the year that I can finally work on the project that has been heating up for a few years”

Toshihiro Kondo (Nihon Falcom): “The 'Kiseki' and 'Ys' series come to mind when we think of Falcom, but we are thinking about starting and focusing on other new titles. Some preparations are already underway, so we will do our best to inform you about them in 2024.”

Kazutoki Kono (Bandai Namco): “Currently working on a new Ace Combat game. I'm sorry I wasn't able to share updates on progress, but I'm working hard with the team.”

Hiroshi Yoshimura (Bandai Namco): “We’ve been working on developing a title for the last few years that we can’t talk about yet…”

Fuyuki Hayashi (FuRyu): “We plan to release at least three titles in 2024.

Kenichiro Tsukuda (Marvelous): “I look forward to sharing more information about several new titles in 2024.

Hironobu Sakaguchi (Mistwalker): “We started working on a new project. I am currently writing the scenario after completing the story.”

Makoto Asada (MAGES): “The key word is 'sequel' and I'm currently working on one. Steins;Gate will also celebrate its 15th anniversary, so I think we will be able to deliver several developments and titles to accompany it.

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