KamiErabi GOD.app 2 in October 2024

Kamierabi God.app 2 In October 2024 Kamierabi God.app 2 Teaser Screenshot

A FujiTV announced that a second season of the original anime series KamiErabi GOD.app created by Yokō Tarōthe creator of NieR:Automatawill debut in October 2024 on the block +Ultra. This second season will be the “concluding arc” of the anime and a rebroadcast of the first season will begin in July. You can see the announcement video above and a promotional image below.

The anime has the slogan: “God, the world today is also going crazy” and the story unfolds around a “fetish x battle royale game” between would-be gods called “Influencers”.

With animation by the studio UNENDthe direction is Hiroyuki Seshita (Knights of Sidonia), the script is by JIN (Kagerou Project), the character design is by Atsushi Ohkubo (Fire Force, Soul Eater) and the music is the responsibility of MONACA (NieR:Automata Ver 1.1a).

In the list we have (from left to right in the image):

Kamierabi God.app Anime Cast

A Crunchyroll will stream the series across the world, excluding Asia.

Synopsis of KamiErabi GOD.app

Goro, a first-year high school student at a private school in Tokyo, has no hopes, no dreams, no ambitions. The world is indifferent to him and he feels a slight longing for Honoka, a classmate from the same school. He and his best friend Akitsu live a boring and unchanging life. One day, Goro receives a strange notification on his smartphone: “You have been chosen. Breathe your desire into me.” Thinking it was malicious spam, Goro types: “I want to have sex with Honoka, the woman of my dreams.”

The next day, Honoka invites her to drop her pants at an unpopular arcade… “Congratulations on your great achievement!” Then, a mysterious girl, Lall, suddenly appears. Confused by this series of events, Goro learns of a cruel fate. Goro was chosen by the “Great Will” to become a god and fulfill his wish. With other potential gods, they must kill each other until only one remains. The skill given is “Scripture of Fools”. At the cost of the “misfortune” that befalls you, the power to distort the cause and effect of the world and manipulate the reason of this world at will.

The first god candidate who appeared to kill Goro was, of course, Honoka, who he longed for. What choice will Goro make against Honoka, who attacks him mercilessly? Thus begins the fetish battle royale for the would-be gods, each with their own secrets!

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