Kimetsu no Yaiba: Someone measured Shinobu’s breasts

Kimetsu No Yaiba: Someone Measured Shinobu'S Breasts 1708819596 622 Kusuriya No Hitorigoto Some Are Hating Maomao

Today we meet again to review another of the works of “ヒカリお気楽 (@hikari_okiraku)“, a popular Twitter user known for measuring the breasts of the most popular girls of the season. Before the premiere of the new movie “Kimetsu no Yaiba“This time it was the turn of the Insect Pillar of the Demon Hunters, the beautiful Shinobu Kocho.

For those who do not identify her, her description writes: «She is a demon hunter and insect pillar of the Demon Hunter Corps. Because her physical strength is below average, her sword style is based on poisons, high speed/agility, and straight strikes, somewhat similar to fencing.».

Shinobu Kocho Shinobu Kocho

Taking a height of 151 cm (estimated from official market figures), a band of 65.2 cm is assumed (estimated from a body of ideal proportions). Then, from one of the frames where Shinobu’s breasts can be seen from the side A separation between the tip of the chest and the rib cage of 8.5 cm is considered, which will be useful to calculate the cup.

These measurements are taken to a cross-sectional diagram, where a cup size of 86.8 cm is then estimated. This translates to an “F Cup” according to the Japanese system, which would be equivalent to a “DD Cup” in the American system. This is considered a “huge bust” and the ALEPH medium description does not even cover it among “normal sizes”:

  • «Cup A starts from the base of 12 to 14 cm and refers to a small breast; Cup B contemplates between 14 to 16 cm and corresponds to a medium bust; Cup C of between 16 to 18 centimeters is for a full bust and Cup D is for a voluminous chest of between 18 to 20 cm (The measurements correspond to subtracting the contour on the chest minus the contour under the chest, in this case, Shinobu’s would be 21.6 cm)».
Kimetsu No Yaiba: Someone Measured Shinobu'S Breasts 1708898196 86 Kimetsu No Yaiba Someone Measured Shinobus Breasts Kimetsu No Yaiba: Someone Measured Shinobu'S Breasts 1708898196 821 Kimetsu No Yaiba Someone Measured Shinobus Breasts

General Synopsis of Kimetsu no Yaiba

Tanjirou Kamado lives with his impoverished family in a remote mountain. As his older brother, he assumed the responsibility of ensuring the sustenance of his family after the death of his father. On a cold winter day, he goes down to the local village to sell charcoal. At nightfall, he is forced to spend the night in the house of a curious man who warns him of the existence of strange creatures that roam the night: malevolent demons that crave human flesh.

When he finally gets home, Tanjirou’s worst nightmare comes true. His entire family has been brutally slaughtered, with the sole exception of his sister Nezuko, who has become a flesh-eating demon. Filled with hatred and despair, Tanjirou desperately tries to stop Nezuko from attacking other people, embarking on a journey to avenge his family and find a way to turn his beloved sister back into a human.

Source: @hikari_okiraku on Twitter



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