Konami Animation – Gaming giant opens its own anime studio

Konami Animation

A Konami Digital Entertainment achieved a significant entertainment milestone by establishing his own anime studio, Konami Animation. The newly created company made its debut with the production titled “Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game The Chronicles”, a commemorative short film celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the renowned franchise.

Check out Konami Animation’s reveal trailer:

Therefore, the revelation took place during the prestigious “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: The Legend of Duelist Quarter Century”, held at the Tokyo Dome last weekend. This milestone reflects Konami’s commitment to expanding its presence in the entertainment industry, consolidating itself as an innovative force in the Japanese animation scene.

The company’s investment in CGI technology and the experience gained in game development will also be directed to the animation area.

Despite criticism that suggests Konami’s supposed withdrawal from video game production, financial data contradicts this perception. “Although there are those who see it as a company focused on pachinko and far from the world of video games, the financial results belie this narrative. However, it is undeniable that many of Konami’s most significant successes do not reach the Western market or go unnoticed outside of its loyal audience”, highlighted a reliable source. This clarification highlights Konami’s ongoing and relevant role in the video game industry.

Therefore, this strategic move positions Konami as a new player in the world of anime, merging its experience in game development with the creativity of the animated world.

Finally, what do you think of a new anime studio?

Source: Konami Animation

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