Leak: Kowloon Generic Romance will have anime

Leak: Kowloon Generic Romance Will Have Anime Kowloon Generic Romance Vol 4 Cover 2

A leak revealed that an anime adaptation of the manga will be in production Kowloon Generic Romance in Jun Mayuzuki. We are now waiting for official confirmation and above you can see a promotional video for the manga.

Kowloon Generic Romance It began appearing in Young Jump magazine in November 2019. Jun Mayuzuki is also the author of the manga Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (After the Rain) which in 2018 received an anime adaptation by Wit Studio (Attack on Titan).

Kowloon Generic Romance Synopsis

In the distant future, people who love the old way of life live in Kowloon’s Walled City, a neighborhood that serves as a refuge for those who long for the Hong Kong of the past. Real estate agent Reiko Kujirai, however, is looking forward to the new and exciting places in the region. On the contrary, her only coworker, Hajime Kudou, enjoys the nostalgia that the city invokes and turns his back on everything modern that infiltrates beyond its walls. But despite their different points of view and constant arguments about the most mundane things, they both often enjoy each other’s company.

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