Look Back author talks about the announcement of the anime film

Look Back Author Talks About The Announcement Of The Anime Film Draw Look Back Anime Pv Screenshot 1

It was announced today that the manga Look Back in Tatsuki Fujimotothe author of Chainsaw Man It is Fire Punchwill be adapted into an anime film and the author spoke about the adaptation.

We can read:

Look Back is being turned into an anime, so please look forward to it. It looks like the director, who is a very good artist, drew almost everything himself. I’m looking forward to the anime…

As we recently reported on the anime film Look Back will premiere on June 28, 2024 and the director who Fujimoto refers to is Kiyotaka Oshiyamathe animation director of Space Dandy, Dennō Coil It is Flip Flappers.

The one-shot was published in July 2021 in Shonen JumpPlus by Shueisha. In August, as we reported, the author edited the manga due to a negative reaction from readers. Many pointed out that this was a reference to the arson at the studios of Kyoto Animation in 2019.

Synopsis of Look Back

Student Ayumu Fujino frequently draws 4-panel manga for her school newspaper and is praised for having the best artwork in her class. One day, her teacher asks her to give up one of her manga slots in the school newspaper to an absent student named Kyomoto. When Kyomoto’s manga appears alongside Fujino, he receives much praise for his detailed art, which makes Fujino furious. Refusing to be defeated by those who barely go to school, Fujino dedicates herself to learning how to make manga. However, as time passes, her goal of overshadowing Kyomoto seems increasingly distant, and Fujino ends up surrendering and giving up the manga. Graduation day arrives and Fujino is invited to present Kyomoto with her graduation certificate. By chance, the two end up meeting face to face, and their unexpected meeting will end up having consequences far beyond what either of them could predict.

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