Manga – Covers #94

Manga – Covers #94 Sakamoto Days Vol. 15 Teaser Cover

Collected from the most recent manga and novel covers that have been revealed. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Instagram.

  • Sakamoto Days Vol. 15 by Yuto Suzuki
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 25 by Gege Akutami
  • Dandadan Vol. 13 by Yukinobu Tatsu
  • The King’s Beast – Ou no Kemono Vol. 14 by Rei Toma
  • Ao Ashi Vol. 34 by Yuugo Kobayashi
  • Blue Exorcist Vol. 30 by Kazue Kato
  • KATANA Beast Vol. 1 by Kamijo Akimine
  • Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian Vol. 8 by Sun Sun Sun, Momoco
  • Smoke Blue no ame nochi hare – Life in Smokey Blue Vol. 4 by Kamome Hamada
  • Wind Breaker Vol. 25 by Jo Yongseok

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