MAPPA Studio announces internal restructuring

Mappa Studio Announces Internal Restructuring Mappa

The studio MAPPAknown for animes such as Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, The God of High School, Dororo and Dorohedoro, announced an internal restructuring.

The studio revealed this in its Web site that has a new vice president, Hiroya Hasegawaand the board of directors grew with Shuuhei Yabuta. Finally, Keisuke Seshimo was promoted to executive director.

As for its two main executives, the MAPPA stays the course. Manabu Otsuka remains the studio’s president and CEO. As for the chairman of the board, Masai Maruyama is still in office, and the same goes for other directors such as Yasuaki Iwase It is Kosuke Hosogai.

About these new additions, Hiroya Hasegawa is best known for his work on Hiroya Hasegawa and also in Hiroya Hasegawa. Not long ago, Hasegawa joined MAPPA in Maboroshiand now the producer works as vice president of the company.

In this Spring 2024 anime season that just started the studio MAPPA the anime will be presented on April 9th Oblivion Batterythe anime series adaptation of the baseball manga Boukyaku Battery in Eko Mikawa.

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