McDonald’s and Studio Pierrot announce anime

Mcdonald'S And Studio Pierrot Announce Anime Mcdonalds E Studio Pierrot Teaser Screenshot

Still without major details, it was announced today that the McDonalds and the Studio Pierrot are collaborating on the creation of an anime.

The announcement was made through a mysterious teaser that you can see above with the phrase “From the creators of the world’s most iconic anime and the creators of the world’s most iconic potato chips. A new world emerges“. This intriguing statement suggests an epic collaboration between two pop culture giants: the Studio Pierrotknown for producing world-renowned anime such as “naruto” It is “Bleach“, and the McDonaldsthe most recognized restaurant chain worldwide.

It has not been confirmed whether it is an anime series, a film or simply promotional material for an event inside McDonald’s restaurants. The uncertainty left fans eager for more information.

The video promises to reveal more details on the day February 26th. Additionally, a note on the video indicates that the project will be available “At participating McDonald’s for a limited time”, suggesting that it could be a promotional campaign in the chain’s restaurants.

It is important to highlight that although the Japanese subsidiary of McDonald’s has been involved in the anime industry by constantly releasing promotional videos with this type of animation, this new announcement comes from McDonald’s Global, covering the entire world. This indicates the enormous reach and global relevance of this collaboration between the McDonalds and the Studio Pierrot.

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