MSI will present a PC Console at CES 2024

Msi Will Present A Pc Console At Ces 2024 Msi Handheld Gaming Console Teaser Screenshot

A MSI revealed that he will also join the Steam Deck, ROG Ally It is Lenovo GO in the market of PRAÇA’s form factor with a premium gaming console. The teaser shared on Instagram It’s very brief but it already offers us some hints about the appearance and features of the company’s future portable game console. MSI. The short video begins with the front of the device, which reveals a design very similar to that of the ASUS ROG Ally. The double triggers are illuminated by RGB LEDs to give them a very interesting touch in terms of aesthetics.

Refrigeration seems to be one of the watchwords of the MSI as the teaser also highlights its thermal capabilities. A label with the inscription “True Gaming” is presented while we see many double meshes in shades of black and red on the back of the product. You can also see the brand’s famous “Dragon” logo, which gives us the impression that it is also illuminated by RGB LEDs.

Like the family of devices currently on the market, it is possible that this device can also use APUs AMD Ryzen Z1but as processors Intel Core Ultra 100 are gaining traction in the portable gaming segment, it is possible that MSI adopt this new and interesting path. In any case, we will find out more about the device in the coming days as the MSI will reveal its appearance, price and features during the CES 2024.

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