My Hero Academia 413: The plan to beat Shigaraki

My Hero Academia 413: The Plan To Beat Shigaraki Shigaraki Vs Deku Resumes My Her.webp

The My Hero Academia universe never ceases to surprise, and chapter 413 is a testament to that. The saga, full of twists and turns, reaches a crucial moment in this edition. After the suspense generated in the previous chapter, fans were on the edge of their seats, awaiting the outcome of the tension between Deku and Shigaraki. The possibility of Deku renouncing the powerful One For All, which seemed distant, takes on reality in this chapter, intensifying the narrative.

The fight against Shigaraki transcends mere physical strength. It takes shape in a confrontation of courage, strategies and, surprisingly, words. Chapter 413 delves into this dynamic, presenting a rich and complex narrative, which goes beyond a simple clash of superpowers.

Shigaraki’s Vulnerability

This chapter offers a new perspective on Shigaraki, revealing previously unknown aspects of her character. The expectation of a physical fight is subverted, showing that, no matter how powerful he is, Shigaraki is not invulnerable. The discovery of an internal weakness in the antagonist marks a turning point in the story.

An intriguing detail is the mention of Star and Stripe, suggesting that something of her still persists despite Shigaraki’s efforts to eliminate her. This revelation opens an unexpected path to victory. Furthermore, All Might’s perception of Shigaraki’s possible downfall reinforces this idea, insinuating that within the darkness that Shigaraki carries, there is a loophole that can be explored.

Kudo’s Audacious Strategy

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The narrative deepens as it explores Kudo’s plan to defeat Shigaraki. The idea of ​​transferring One For All to Shigaraki, although risky, reveals an innovative and fearless approach. Kudo notices a crack, both literally and metaphorically, in Shigaraki’s armor, indicating a mental instability that could be his Achilles’ heel.

Deku’s battle isn’t just physical; it is eminently psychological. His determination and mental strength emerge as fundamental at this stage of history. The plan to transfer Quirks to Shigaraki is risky, but it could be the key to exploring and widening this internal fissure, weakening him psychologically.

Consequences and Possibilities

My Hero Academia 413: The Plan To Beat Shigaraki 1707610407 655 My Hero Academia 413 The Plan To Beat Shigaraki.webp

The chapter also considers the possible consequences of this bold strategy. If successful, it could be a turning point in the fight against Shigaraki. However, if he fails, the implications could be disastrous, further enhancing Shigaraki’s power and putting Deku at a disadvantage.

In the end, Deku stands up, refusing to give in. Deku’s determination to fight, even in the face of the potential loss of One For All, illustrates his courage and resilience. The introduction of new fighting techniques and the possibility of a transfer of power open new paths for history.

The Future of Battle

Deku and Shigaraki’s trajectory promises to be even more exciting from now on. With the loss of Danger Sense and the Shift of Gears, Deku faces new challenges, while Shigaraki may have his supremacy threatened. The series continues to surprise and captivate, and fans eagerly await the next chapter, scheduled for February 4, 2024.

My Hero Academia is available on Viz Media and can be followed for free on Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app.

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