My Hero Academia chapter 413 preview: Deku without quirks

My Hero Academia Chapter 413 Preview: Deku Without Quirks Deku Vs Shigaraki My Her.webp

The arrival of chapter 413 of “My Hero Academia” generated considerable excitement among fans of the series, who are eager for the continuation of this exciting saga. Currently, the narrative is immersed in the Final War Saga, an arc that has accumulated a lot of action and emotion over the years. Now, the final confrontation, highly anticipated by followers of the series, is about to take place.

The Epic Battle between Deku and Shigaraki

Shigaraki: A Dominant Force

So far, the duel between Deku and Shigaraki has proven to be a spectacular battle. In recent chapters, Shigaraki has emerged as a dominant opponent, displaying impressive resilience. His performance in combat has been notably superior, putting Deku in a disadvantageous position. There is growing concern that the situation could get worse for Deku in chapter 413.

Shigaraki, with his overwhelming presence, promises to continue his dominance in chapter 413. He has shown himself to be invincible, with powers that transcend those of figures like All For One. It has been confirmed that Shigaraki has not only surpassed All For One, but has also established himself as the most formidable antagonist of “My Hero Academia”. Deku’s difficulty in facing him is understandable, especially considering that he has no desire to kill Shigaraki. This self-imposed limitation by Deku has been a crucial factor in the fight, and his reluctance could lead to his downfall.

Deku is already facing the consequences of his cautious approach, having lost the power of Danger Sense. In the next chapter, Shigaraki is expected to continue to display his Decay ability, forcing Deku to find new strategies to combat this devastating power. There is also the imminent threat of Shigaraki trying to steal Deku’s Quirks, which could further worsen the situation for the future Number One Hero.

The Kudo Strategy

My Hero Academia Chapter 413 Preview: Deku Without Quirks 1706921210 424 My Hero Academia Chapter 413 Preview Deku Without Quirks.webp

In the previous chapter, fans witnessed an intriguing development: every trace of One For All harbors resentment against Shigaraki. Despite the resolution with All For One, Shigaraki remains an even greater threat. The traces recognize the difficulty in facing Shigaraki, and Deku’s intention to save him creates an internal conflict. However, they have now accepted Deku’s determination to stick to his ideals and try to save Shigaraki at all costs.

Kudo, initially opposed to the idea of ​​saving Shigaraki, now agrees that there is no other option but to support Deku. Kudo’s role in chapter 413 promises to be significant, mainly due to the risky plan he proposed at the end of the previous chapter. This plan, potentially dangerous for Deku, will likely be carried out in chapter 413, further increasing fan enthusiasm for the next twist in the series.

Deku’s Crucial Decision

The Dilemma of Leaving One For All

My Hero Academia Chapter 413 Preview: Deku Without Quirks 1706921211 369 My Hero Academia Chapter 413 Preview Deku Without Quirks.webp

Chapter 413 promises to be a turning point for Deku as the fight against Shigaraki intensifies. Kudo, a key character, has suggested that Deku should renounce One For All. Considering Deku’s hard-fought fight against Shigaraki and the recent loss of Gear Shift, the current situation seems untenable. Deku is apparently cornered, with no viable way out to defeat Shigaraki, which makes Kudo’s proposal gain relevance.

If Deku truly renounces One For All, he could return to the Quirkless state, a prospect that carries as much risk as potential. This decision could be a strategic maneuver, affecting Shigaraki in unexpected ways. Perhaps Shigaraki’s inability to simultaneously maintain One For All and All For One in his body could be explored, or could even facilitate a mutual understanding between Deku and Shigaraki. Regardless of which path you choose, chapter 413 is set to bring a significant plot twist.

The Climax of the Battle between Deku and Shigaraki

An Emotionally Charged Confrontation

My Hero Academia Chapter 413 Preview: Deku Without Quirks 1706921211 846 My Hero Academia Chapter 413 Preview Deku Without Quirks.webp

The fight between Deku and Shigaraki, central to the Final War Saga, has been a thrilling, action-packed journey. Chapter 413 could mark the climax of this confrontation. Fans have witnessed memorable battles in this saga, and the current fight is adding a deep layer of emotion to the narrative. If Deku truly abandons One For All, it could hasten the conclusion of the duel, potentially ending the battle in future chapters.

Renouncing One For All would be a significant step for Deku, indicating a likely change in the dynamics of the fight. Without this power, Deku’s ability to sustain a prolonged battle is questionable, suggesting that the author may have other twists planned to ensure a surprising outcome.

It seems like the saga between Deku and Shigaraki is quickly approaching its conclusion, with chapter 413 being a turning point. Fans are eager to see how this battle will unfold and how the author will resolve this intense rivalry.

Following “My Hero Academia”

For those who follow “My Hero Academia”, the series is available through Viz Media and can be accessed officially and for free on Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The next chapter, the highly anticipated chapter 413, is scheduled to be released on January 28, 2024, marking a potentially historic moment in the series.

My Hero Academia is available on Crunchyroll.

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