My Hero Academia creator originally wanted to kill off a major character

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My Hero Academia Creator Originally Wanted To Kill Off A Major Character My Hero Academia 06 06 Scaled E1667674326568

After talking about a traitor, Kohei Horikoshithe author of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia), revealed in Jump Festa 2024 that his original plan was to kill an important character.

In the dashboard My Hero Academia the author revealed that Endeavor He was supposed to die at the start of the Paranormal Liberation War, but the decision to save him was made at the last minute.

According to Horikoshi, Endeavor was supposed to die during the war, but the creator changed his mind shortly before the conflict arose. The decision was changed when Horikoshi started drawing Endeavor vs High End. After seeing the changes in Endeavour, Horikoshi felt that it would be better for the hero’s arc if he remained alive. Of course, the manga followed this path, and the Endeavor later gained more prominence.

With his death, his fall from grace and Dabi’s revelation would have gone completely unnoticed. Although many fans cannot forgive Endeavor Given his abusive past, many agree that his change for the better has been incredibly cathartic. It’s rare to see a character like this have a deep redemption arc.

As you can imagine, My Hero Academia It would have been very different if Endeavor had died.

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