Netflix’s Monsters has a big post-credits scene with One Piece

Netflix'S Monsters Has A Big Post-Credits Scene With One Piece Monsters One Piece Zoro Pos Creditos.webp

Recently, Netflix released a special anime episode titled “Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation”, based on the one-shot “Monsters” by Eiichiro Oda.

This work, which preceded the creation of “One Piece”, establishes a direct connection with the famous anime through an intriguing post-credits scene. The character Shimotsuki Ryuma, who appears in the “One Piece” universe, is the link between the two animes. This Netflix special offers a significant glimpse into Ryuma’s past, before his appearance as a zombie in “Thriller Bark,” a narrative arc of “One Piece.”

What makes the call even more special is the participation of Roronoa Zoro’s voice actor, who acts as the special’s narrator. “One Piece” fans will be delighted with the post-credits scene, which reveals a meeting between Zoro and Ryuma in “Thriller Bark”, an element not present in the original one-shot.

“Monsters” Anime Special Details

Directed by Sunghoo Park and produced by E&H, “Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation” is a 25-minute special available on Netflix. The plot follows a samurai who encounters a young waitress whose town has been destroyed by a dragon, thus introducing elements of conflict and adventure. The main cast features Yoshimasa Hosoya as Ryuma, Kana Hanazawa as Flare, among others.

This anime special not only highlights Ryuma’s prowess as a swordsman, but also delves into the relevance of Wano Country, one of the most significant arcs in “One Piece.” “Monsters” serves as a key piece to tie together the story of “One Piece,” enriching the narrative and offering fans a new perspective on pivotal events and characters. With this inclusion, Netflix provides “One Piece” followers with a more immersive experience connected to the series’ expanded universe.

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