New Super Mario movie announced

New Super Mario Movie Announced Super Mario Rpg Bowser Screen

This March 10th, “MAR10 DAY”, Shigeru Miyamotoannounced that a sequel to The Super Mario Bros. movie. Still without major details, it was revealed that the premiere should take place on April 3, 2026.

At the announcement we can read:

This is Miyamoto. We are now creating a new animated film based on the world of Super Mario Bros. This film is scheduled to be released in theaters on April 3, 2026 in the US and many other markets, and throughout April in other territories. We’ll let you know the details as soon as we’re ready to share more. Also this time, the Illumination and Nintendo team are working together. We are thinking about expanding Mario’s world even further and it will have a brilliant and fun story. We hope you are looking forward to it!

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