New trailer for the anime Kuso Miso Technique

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O official site adaptation to anime from the manga Kuso Miso Technique by Junichi Yamakawa, which will premiere on April 1, 2024released a new trailer.

The animation is Studio Leo It is Anime Tokyo, LLCdirected by Pierre Itō (Kenda Master Ken, World, Before You End) and script by “Ikansoku“.

Along With A Promotional Image, The Official Twitter Revealed The Premiere Date For The Anime Adaptation Of The Kuso Miso Technique Manga.

A AnimeTokyo started producing a anime medium-length original aimed at all ages. Team members began production on the animation in May 2023. On May 17, the animation’s crowdfunding campaign anime managed to surpass the 8,000,000 yen mark, raising a grand total of 8,680,500 yen (approximately R$311 thousand).

Junichi Yamakawa began publishing the mango one-shot original in the second edition of BaraComione mango Special spin off from gay men’s magazine Barazokuin 1987. In the early 2000s, the line of dialogue from the manga “Yaranai ka” became an Internet meme.

Synopsis of Kuso Miso Technique

The story begins with Masaki Michishita, an ordinary student who one day is running to the toilet in a park. Despite his rush, he spots Takakazu Abe, an extremely handsome car mechanic, sitting on a bench. The two exchange looks, and after Abe pronounces “Yaranai ka” (Shall we do this?), the two begin the meeting. The anime will expand on the one-shot manga and will incorporate elements from Yamakawa’s other works, as well as unique elements from his story.

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