Novels for Women Don’t Change

Do light novels for women change? Are they always the same stories? Japanese people began to discuss this when they realized how novels for women and men have changed over time.

For example, we obviously have novels of all genres and all types, but at some point stories of one genre become more popular than others. It depends on the moment.

For example, a certain otaku mentioned the changes that novels for men have undergone over time. We have Isekai stories, stories in which the protagonist is expelled from the group, then stories in which the protagonist ends up allying with the villains, then in which the protagonist is the villain or is born as the son of the villain, etc.

Novels for Women Haven’t Changed Since 2015?

Commenting Loop 7 Ep 1

But when compared to novels that target a female audience, it seems that they haven’t changed, in 2015 the novels were about a female protagonist who would become the future villain and who has her engagement canceled by her future husband.

And today in 2024 the novels are about a female protagonist who would become the future villain and who has her engagement called off by her future husband! It hasn’t changed! Let’s see some opinions?

“To be honest, I watched the anime and I didn’t understand how the protagonist of Loop 7 could be a villain”

“I think it’s more about wanting to get revenge or show off to the ex-boyfriend who dumped her, like the ouster stories are for people who have left their jobs and are on a low.”

“The lack of stories in Narou about having children and being successful says it all.”

“I think the origin is the clichéd episodes of female villains in shoujo manga. In fact, the ancestor of the reincarnated female villain theme, “Kenkyou Kenjitsu,” is set in the world of manga.”

“Do villains really appear that much in otome games?”

“I heard that by the time of Osomatsu-san’s second season they were already tired of it,”

“I have the impression that there is terrible plagiarism in Narou. There are works that are transformed into books or mangas, publishers should check this.”

Remembering that we are talking about webnovels, but that they end up becoming mangas and animes later, anyone can create an account there and publish their stories.

So if stories like this are still popular today, it’s because a lot of people love reading them.

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