One Piece 1104: Eiichiro Oda Spoilers and Chapter Date

One Piece 1104: Eiichiro Oda Spoilers And Chapter Date One Piece What Is Sapph.webp

So, guys, how are you? So, you must already know that Bartholomew Kuma showed up on Egghead Island and it looks like there’s going to be a confrontation like that with Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, right? Everyone is in the biggest hype waiting for chapter 1104 of One Piece, but, hey, we’re still kind of in the dark. Weekly Shonen Jump decided to take a break and left us here, alone. Boring as hell, right?

But relax, I’m here to give you some ideas about what could happen in chapter 1104, even without the spoilers. But, oh, no guarantees, okay? After all, it’s One Piece, and Oda always surprises us, especially with this fight between Kuma and Saturn.

Mark your calendar: we’re expecting the first spoilers for chapter 1104 around January 15, 2024. But the chapter itself, just a week later, on the 22nd, because of a holiday or something like that.

Well, from what I’m thinking here, in 1104, the Kuma isn’t going to fight directly with the Saturn. He must use his Paw-Paw Fruit to solve the problem. Some may find this a little dull, but it makes perfect sense in the story, especially if you think about Saturn’s powers. If Kuma sends Saturn away from Egghead Island, that’s it, and we might even see an emotional farewell between him and Bonney.

And this move could be the cue for Kuma to discover something about Nika. Luffy is already there, ready to fight, so there could be a meeting between them. It seems like everything fits together in Oda’s mind, right?

But, going back to the next chapter, I think it will focus more on Saturn being dispatched, giving space for Kuma and Bonney to have their moment. The Straw Hats, except Luffy, will have to face the marines nearby to help the duo.

I also think we’ll see what Jinbei and Zoro’s situation is like. Jinbei must say that the Thousand Sunny is ready to set sail at any time, while Zoro is there, exchanging punches with Rob Lucci. And then things heat up, and we start to wait for Luffy to return to the battlefield, whether in this chapter or at the end of it.

If everything goes well, chapter 1104 should end with an epic meeting between Kuma, Dr. Vegapunk, Kizaru and Bonney, since everyone is in the same place. It’s going to be chilling, believe me. But, of course, we’ll only know for sure when the chapter comes out. Until then, just hope and wait!

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