One Piece 1104: What to expect from the chapter

One Piece 1104: What To Expect From The Chapter One Piece 1104.Webp

Guys, get ready because chapter 1104 of “One Piece” is going to be chilling! After a little time focusing on Kuma and Bonney, we’re back on Egghead Island. And things are on fire there: the war has started and promises to be epic!

Kuma vs Saturn: Clash of the Titans

The parade will begin with Kuma arriving in Egghead to save Bonney, and Saturn, now in his demonic form, will face the fury of a father. Kuma won’t let it go and, with a mega-powerful punch, he’ll give people something to talk about. But, hey, Saturn is strong as hell, so Kuma is going to have to work up a sweat.

Kuma’s Determination

The chapter will also show Kuma fighting with everything he has. There are people who think he has a circuit that changes his personality, but that seems a bit far-fetched. The coolest thing is that, even with his willpower gone, his love for Bonney is so strong that he remains firm. It’s like a father’s love, you know? This has to be a highlight of the chapter.

Luffy and the Nika Transformation

And Luffy, huh? After getting tired using Gear 5, he needs food to get back into the fight. And it looks like someone mysterious gave him a helping hand. Was it Kizaru or Caribou? The crowd is looking forward to seeing Luffy recovered and ready to face Saturn.

The Big Finale of the Egghead Island Arc

When Luffy recovers, he will take on Nika’s transformation and join the fight. The fight between him and Saturn promises to be the highlight of the arc. And, look, it looks like Kuma is going to lose, but Luffy must arrive to save the day.

Luffy: The Liberation Warrior

Luffy has an important mission: he can’t fail, otherwise everyone in Egghead is screwed. He needs to face one of the Five Elders, and this will be bombshell news for the whole world. It’s time for him to show that he’s ready to fight against the oppression of the Celestial Dragons.

Waiting for the Next Chapter

But, hey, we’re going to have to wait a little bit for the next chapter, because “One Piece” is going to take a break because of the New Year festivities. Chapter 1104 comes out on January 21, 2024. And, of course, you can follow everything straight through Viz Media, Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app.

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