One Piece 1105: A new group arrives at Egghead

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In the latest release of One Piece, chapter 1105, readers were treated to intriguing developments in the narrative of Egghead Island. Although this chapter was relatively brief and made modest progress in the plot, it still managed to capture the essence of what makes One Piece an ongoing phenomenon. The chapter may not have been one of Eiichiro Oda’s most impactful recently, but it still maintained the high standard of quality that fans expect from the series. This chapter, in particular, stood out for setting up future confrontations and unraveling crucial riddles at the end, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Strategies and Confrontations

A notable aspect of the chapter was Kizaru and Saturn’s decision to remain on the island after issuing a Buster Call on Egghead. Originally, the intention was to preserve part of the island, but circumstances changed drastically. Saturn, witnessing the gravity of the situation, opted for the total destruction of the island. This act of desperation was illustrated by the evacuation of marines, including vice admirals, as Kizaru and Saturn prepared to face the Straw Hat Pirates. This scenario promises to bring epic battles that are already causing great anticipation among fans.

Dynamics on the Island

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The chapter also took us back to Labophase, showing the crew’s preparations for the imminent escape. With characters like Nami and Robin coordinating efforts, and Jinbe on a rescue mission for Zoro, the tension and strategy are at an all-time high. The revelation that Zoro continues his fight against Lucci, with signs of an imminent outcome, adds another layer of excitement to the narrative. At the same time, Brook and Lilith work hard to ensure the Sunny’s escape, using the frozen water in the clouds as an innovative escape route.

Evacuation and Protection

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As far as Fabriophase is concerned, Sanji takes on a crucial role in evacuating the vulnerable. His decision to use a vacuum tube for the evacuation reflects Vegapunk and Saturn’s influence on the situation. This chapter also sets the stage for Sanji to face adversaries to protect Vegapunk, intensifying the plot. Kizaru’s interruption and attack on the Mark 3 Pacifistas create a tense climax, suggesting that characters like Sanji or Luffy will need to intervene quickly.

Final Surprise

One Piece 1105: A New Group Arrives At Egghead 1707646835 114 One Piece 1105 A New Group Arrives At Egghead.webp

The end of chapter 1105 brought a surprising twist, with the destruction of a vessel destined to eliminate Egghead’s scientists. This action, carried out by an unknown force, opens up several possibilities about who could be arriving on the island. The Blackbeard Pirates, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, or even Neo Mads are potential candidates, each with their own motivations and plans. This mystery adds an extra layer of anticipation for the next chapter, with fans eager to find out how events unfold.

One Piece continues its epic journey and is available to read on Viz Media, Shonen Jump and Manga Plus, with the next chapter, One Piece 1106, scheduled for February 4, 2024.

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