One Piece 1109: When do spoilers come out and what to expect from the chapter

One Piece 1109: When Do Spoilers Come Out And What To Expect From The Chapter One Piece Every Charact.webp

In the last chapter of One Piece, 1108, we saw a lot of cool things happen: the new form of the Gorosei Saturn, Vegapunk almost hitting the ground running and Luffy rocking Gear 5. Now, everyone is waiting for the spoilers for chapter 1109, and the good news is You won’t have to wait long, because One Piece isn’t on break. Let’s see the spoilers and release date for chapter 1109: spoilers are expected to appear on Monday (26) or Tuesday (27), and the official release is on Sunday, March 3, at noon.

People are super excited for chapter 1109, and no wonder. It looks like the saga on Egghead Island is coming to an end and things are on fire. In the last chapter, there was a lot of important development, like the fate of Vegapunk and the epic battle that is brewing between Luffy and the duo Kizaru and Saturn.

What everyone really wants to know is the message that Vegapunk wants to send to the world. After taking a serious blow from Admiral Kizaru, Vegapunk started laughing like there was no tomorrow, looking like he was in his last moments. And then, out of nowhere, his face appeared on a giant screen and he started sending a message to the whole world. He will probably release some bombastic truths, especially about the Poneglyphs, which he studied in secret. This information is super prohibited and can cause a huge stir.

Now, everyone is dying to know if Vegapunk will survive this. The chances of him saying goodbye are high, but since he’s still breathing and full of dreams, who knows, who knows, he might escape this? Even though he is no longer part of this, Lilith and the other Vegapunk bodies are still there to continue his legacy.

And of course, we can’t forget the fight between Luffy, Saturn and Kizaru. Luffy is already giving Kizaru a chorus and holding Saturn. But it looks like reinforcements are on the way to help Luffy in this tough fight.

So that’s it, chapter 1109 promises to prepare the ground for the end of the saga on Egghead Island, and everyone is excited to see how things will unfold.

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