One Piece 1111 Discussion: Is That Giant Robot Joy Boy’s Partner?

Pembahasan One Piece 1111: Robot Raksasa Itu Rekan Joy Boy?

Giant Robot movement at the end One Piece 1111 raises a big question, why did the robot apologize to Joy Boy? What exactly is the relationship between this giant robot and Joy Boy?

Come on, check out the complete review in the following discussion of One Piece 1111!

1. Rob Lucci’s defeat

One Piece 1111 Discussion: Is That Giant Robot Joy Boy'S Partner?Rob Lucci is still standing after being slashed by Zoro. ( Piece)

At the beginning One Piece 1111 we are shown the condition of Rob Lucci, who is apparently still standing even though Zoro has cut him!

Possibly, this is because of the user Awakening Zoan like Rob Lucci has greater toughness, endurance, and self-recovery abilities than normal humans.

Even though it is clear from this scene that Zoro is still stronger than Rob Lucci, it is not impossible that Zoro could lose or at least have more difficulty facing Lucci if the fight lasted longer!

2. Interaction between Marcus Mars and Rob Lucci

One Piece 1111 Discussion: Is That Giant Robot Joy Boy'S Partner?Marcus Mars and Rob Lucci. ( Piece)

The next scene shows dialogue between Mars and Rob Lucci. Rob Lucci’s shocked expression also indicates that this is the first time Rob Lucci has seen this monster-like figure of Mars.

Since Rob Lucci as CP0 should be around Mary Geoise quite often, does this mean a monster form? Gorosei is this actually almost never shown to the public?

On the other hand, Oda here also shows a little of Rob Lucci’s human side, who begs Mars to save Kaku even though Mars rejects his request!

Does this mean Kaku will be killed here?

3. Gorosei has Haoshoku Haki!

One Piece 1111 Discussion: Is That Giant Robot Joy Boy'S Partner?Roar Haoshoku Haki by Topman Warcury. ( Piece)

Actually, it’s not that surprising, though One Piece 1111 finally provided confirmation that at least one Gorosei own Haoshoku Haki.

If this is the case, it is almost certain that the fourth Gorosei others have too Haoshoku Haki!

Then if you look at the range that can reach areas outside Egghead Island, it’s not impossible Haoshoku Haki Topman Warcury’s is comparable to Shanks!

4. Luffy’s “cartoon” powers are becoming more apparent?

One Piece 1111 Discussion: Is That Giant Robot Joy Boy'S Partner?The moment Luffy paints his bat. ( Piece)

Before this, we had already seen how Luffy made “glasses” out of nothing. This time, we see for ourselves how Luffy is suddenly seen creating a brush and black paint!

If you look at the scene, this is actually more or less just Luffy’s way of visualizing the layering technique Busoshoku Haki in a “cartoon” style.

In our opinion, what is happening here is just a scene of Luffy covering his weapon with Busoshoku Haki. So, these brushes and black paint should be nothing more than mere visual decoration.

Or do you have another, more interesting theory?

5. It is stated that Gorosei cannot die!

One Piece 1111 Discussion: Is That Giant Robot Joy Boy'S Partner?Gorosei revival scene. ( Piece)

Fight against Gorosei in One Piece This 1111 made Luffy realize that the fifth Gorosei this can’t die.

This strengthens that theory Gorosei has lived since the time of the Void Century!

Is fifth Gorosei I used immortality surgery in the past Ope Ope no Mi as many as five times (or six, if you count Imu) as many theorize?

6. What is the fate of Vegapunk?

One Piece 1111 Discussion: Is That Giant Robot Joy Boy'S Partner?Sanji transports Vegapunk. ( Piece)

Towards the end One Piece 1111, we see Vegapunk’s body still being carried by Sanji. Does this mean that Vegapunk is still alive even though he is dying?

What do you think might happen to Vegapunk? Is Sanji just carrying Vegapunk’s corpse, or will Chopper still have time to save him?

Or could it be, there will be a moment where Vegapunk hands over the remaining “personality” or “memory” of Vegapunk to one of Vegapunk’s satellites?

7. Why does the Giant Robot in Egghead apologize to Joy Boy?

One Piece 1111 Discussion: Is That Giant Robot Joy Boy'S Partner?The Giant Robot Egghead begins to move. ( Piece)

The most highlighted part in One Piece 1111 is a giant robot that somehow apologizes to Joy Boy!

Just as Zunesha was sentenced to walk for hundreds of years, it is possible that this giant robot also made a mistake that made him apologize to Joy Boy.

Is this apology rooted in the robot’s feelings of guilt for failing to support Joy Boy in the war, or is there something deeper than that?

What is clear is that it is very likely that the appearance of this giant robot will be the key to Luffy’s safety in the future!

What do you think? If you have your own responses or theories regarding this One Piece 1111, try writing it in the comments column below!

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