One Piece: Admiral Kizaru’s Devil Fruit Abilities Explained

One Piece: Admiral Kizaru'S Devil Fruit Abilities Explained Kizaru One Piece 1.Webp

Kizaru, known as “Yellow Monkey” and one of the Navy Admirals in One Piece, is an imposing figure in the anime universe. His pseudonym, Borasalino, hides a formidable strength, characteristic of Navy Admirals.

Revealed in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Kizaru enters the scene during a confrontation between the Worst Generation and the Straw Hat Pirates, triggered by Luffy’s daring act against a Celestial Dragon. The appearance of a Navy Admiral is feared by everyone, especially when it comes to Kizaru, known for his strength and supernatural abilities.

Kizaru’s Enigma

Master of Light Manipulation

Kizaru is a complex and unpredictable character, whose abilities derive from the Devil Fruit he consumes, the “Pika Pika no Mi”. This logia fruit grants you the power to generate, control and transform into light. These powers make him capable of devastating attacks and lightning-speed movements, making him practically invincible in combat. He uses these powers in a variety of ways, from preventing the Heart Pirates from saving Luffy and Jinbe to being the focus of Doctor Vegapunk’s studies, who replicates his laser blasts on Pacifistas and Seraphim.

Unusual Powers and Techniques

Pika Pika no Mi’s Unique Abilities

One Piece: Admiral Kizaru'S Devil Fruit Abilities Explained 1707357351 859 One Piece Admiral Kizarus Devil Fruit Abilities

Kizaru’s trademark is his ability to imbue his foot with light, launching powerful beams of energy. This technique, although not named in the series, is known as “You are dying now” in the video game “One Piece: Burning Blood”. Other notable techniques include “Yata no Kagami”, which allows him to quickly move between locations by reflecting in light, and “Amaterasu”, an attack that emits a blinding flash. Additionally, his ability “Ama no Murakumo” creates a sword of light, and “Yasakani no Magatama” shoots a barrage of deadly light particles. These techniques are inspired by the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan and Shinto deities.

Limitations of an Unstoppable Force

Pika Pika no Mi Vulnerabilities

One Piece: Admiral Kizaru'S Devil Fruit Abilities Explained 1707357351 136 One Piece Admiral Kizarus Devil Fruit Abilities

Despite his incredible powers, Kizaru is not invulnerable. His reaction time, although fast, is not instantaneous, creating gaps for strong opponents like Silvers Rayleigh. Furthermore, his laser attacks, although powerful, are predictable due to his straight trajectory. Like every Devil Fruit user, Kizaru is also susceptible to the standard weaknesses of these fruits, such as sea water and sea prism stone.

In short, Kizaru is a fascinating character in One Piece, not only for his overwhelming strength, but also for the complexity of his powers and the subtle vulnerabilities that accompany them. His presence in the anime adds a dimension of unpredictability and excitement, keeping viewers eager to see how his powers unfold in future battles.

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