One Piece: After all, what will happen to Garp?

One Piece: After All, What Will Happen To Garp? Featured One Piece What .Webp

Monkey D. Garp, an iconic character from “One Piece,” is widely recognized for his distinguished career in the Navy, where he distinguished himself alongside Sengoku and Tsuru. This trio of Marines gained immense respect and cemented their legacy in history, with Garp emerging as the most celebrated among them. Known for his meteoric rise to the highest ranks of the Navy, he reached the position of vice admiral and, interestingly, turned down several opportunities to become admiral.

Garp’s Journey

Decisions and Consequences

Garp is characterized by his indomitable spirit and detachment from rules, acting according to his will without worrying about the repercussions. His decision to intervene in the kidnapping of Koby, captured by the Blackbeard Pirates, illustrates this. Koby, a prominent Marine and member of SWORD, was considered a valuable asset by the Yonkou Blackbeard, who intended to use him as a bargaining chip with the World Government.

When Hibari and Helmeppo sought out Prince Grus to rescue Koby but were refused, Garp intervened, determined to face the risks in Hachinosu. There, he unleashed one of his most devastating attacks, causing great destruction on the island.

Garp versus Kuzan

An Epic Showdown

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The confrontation between Garp and the Blackbeard Pirates in Hachinosu was marked by intense fighting, including the fierce fight between Garp and his former student Kuzan, now an ally of the pirates. Despite being alone, Garp faced interference from the other pirates, who were also attacking the marines. Shiryu, in particular, took the opportunity to hurt Garp.

The battle between Garp and Kuzan, intense and uncompromising, seemed to tilt in Kuzan’s favor. The defining moment occurred when Garp, while trying to protect the young Marines, was defeated and frozen by Kuzan, reminiscent of a past event involving Vice Admiral Saul on Ohara.

Garp’s Uncertain Future

Between the Sword and the Wall

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With Garp now frozen and in the hands of the Blackbeard Pirates, there is speculation about his fate. Blackbeard, planning to use Koby to negotiate with the World Government, ended up capturing an even greater trump card with Garp. The situation puts pressure on the World Government, as abandoning its most notorious hero could have serious political implications.

If the World Government refuses Blackbeard’s demands, Garp’s fate could be uncertain, increasing the chances of a rescue attempt by Koby and other Marines. SWORD, the organization Koby belongs to, may not offer widespread support, but hope lies in the possibility of Tsuru and Sengoku, Garp’s close friends and respected figures, joining the rescue mission. With Tsuru still serving as Vice Admiral and Sengoku now an instructor, their experience and autonomy could be crucial in saving Garp from a dark fate at the hands of the Blackbeard Pirates.

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