One Piece Chapter 1105 Preview: Mysterious Forces Arrive at Egghead

One Piece Chapter 1105 Preview: Mysterious Forces Arrive At Egghead Luffy Gear 5 Sanji Vs Kizaru One Piece.webp

The imminent arrival of chapter 1105 of the famous One Piece manga has generated a wave of excitement among fans, especially after the recent events in the Egghead Island arc. With the end of the flashback involving Kuma, the narrative returned to the main point of this arc, promising an exciting climax. In the last chapter, readers witnessed pivotal events, including Kuma’s surprising arrival on the island and the beginning of a Buster Call, triggered by the mysterious figure of Saturn.

This next chapter, 1105, marks the beginning of the final battles of this arc, with promises of electrifying confrontations. There is a particular expectation regarding the performances of key characters such as Kizaru, Sanji and, obviously, Luffy, the protagonist of the series.

Start of Buster Call

Chapter 1105 will highlight the unfolding of a Buster Call, an extreme measure triggered by the World Government. Egghead Island has been marked as a threat, due to the presence of individuals considered highly dangerous.

Among them, Vegapunk, seen as a traitor and capable of uncovering secrets hidden in poneglyphs, and members of the Buccaneer race, seen by the government as beings that should be subjugated or eliminated. Luffy, recognized for awakening the power of an ancient divine entity, and Nico Robin, capable of deciphering Poneglyphs, are also in the spotlight. This group of individuals poses a significant threat to the existence of the World Government, justifying the use of Buster Call.

The entire island will become a target in chapter 1105, worsening the arc’s chaotic atmosphere. Many, including characters like Bonney and Vegapunk, will likely have to evacuate to Labophase. However, the main combatants, including Franky, Sanji, and Luffy, are expected to stay behind to face the impending challenges.

Kizaru and His Power

One Piece Chapter 1105 Preview: Mysterious Forces Arrive At Egghead 1706924967 887 One Piece Chapter 1105 Preview Mysterious Forces Arrive At Egghead.webp

One certainty that fans have is the demonstration of Kizaru’s incredible power. After being defeated by Luffy earlier, Kizaru has recovered and is ready to fight again. In the last chapter, he showed his determination to face his opponents, starting a quick attack against Franky.

There is speculation that Kizaru will attempt to interfere with the evacuation, possibly targeting the transportation system for Labophase. Readers can also expect to see the full extent of Kizaru’s Pika Pika no Mi powers, as he appears ready to unleash his full potential, which is especially significant considering his performance thus far in the arc and the 3 billion reward. in your head.

Imminent Confrontation in One Piece: Sanji vs Kizaru and Luffy’s Return

One Piece Chapter 1105 Preview: Mysterious Forces Arrive At Egghead 1706924968 30 One Piece Chapter 1105 Preview Mysterious Forces Arrive At Egghead.webp

Chapter 1105 of “One Piece” promises to be one of the most anticipated in the series, with the potential to feature an epic confrontation between Sanji and Kizaru. This battle, long anticipated by fans, comes at a critical time. In the previous chapter, Kizaru attacked Franky, and now, Sanji finds himself in a precarious situation, simultaneously facing Kizaru and Saturn. This setup suggests a formidable challenge for Sanji, whose strength, while notable, may be insufficient to deal with two such formidable adversaries at the same time.

The expectation of a battle between Sanji and Kizaru is high due to their similar fighting style based on kicks, an element that has been subtly prepared by the author throughout the series. If this fight actually happens in chapter 1105, it promises to be a landmark moment for Sanji fans and the series as a whole, especially considering the implications suggested by recent leaks.

Luffy’s Triumphant Return

One Piece Chapter 1105 Preview: Mysterious Forces Arrive At Egghead 1706924969 756 One Piece Chapter 1105 Preview Mysterious Forces Arrive At Egghead.webp

In addition to the Sanji-Kizaru confrontation, chapter 1105 should also mark Luffy’s return to action. After a period of exhaustion due to consecutive battles, including a confrontation with Kizaru and a prolonged fight against the Seraphim, Luffy has been rejuvenated and is ready to re-engage in the fight. This is indicated by his disappearance at the end of chapter 1104, suggesting that he has regained his strength and is preparing for a significant move.

This timely return of Luffy could be crucial to the unfolding of events in chapter 1105. As Sanji faces Kizaru and Saturn, Luffy’s entry could change the game, possibly taking over Saturn, allowing Sanji to focus on Kizaru. This scenario sets the stage for the final battles of Egghead Island, with Luffy against Saturn, Sanji against Kizaru, and Zoro possibly facing Lucci.

Chapter 1105, therefore, is positioned to be a milestone in the series, setting the stage for these decisive confrontations. While fans should be prepared for possible variations in the development of these fights, expectations are high for these events to come to fruition in chapter 1105. With the promise of uninterrupted continuation after this chapter, anticipation among “One Piece” fans is at a peak.

One Piece Availability

For those eager to catch up on these exciting developments, “One Piece” is available to read via Viz Media. Fans can access the series officially and for free on Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date of the long-awaited chapter 1105 of “One Piece” is set for January 28, 2024, promising to be a significant moment in the continuation of the saga.

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