One Piece confirms episode titles 1090 and 1091

One Piece Confirms Episode Titles 1090 And 1091 One Piece Egghead Arc Anime Epis 1.Webp

Guys, get ready because “One Piece” is coming with everything in 2024! The anime is closing the Wano Country arc and, apparently, a lot of cool things happened there with Luffy and the gang. But the thing now is that the anime will enter the final stretch, following Eiichiro Oda’s manga. And guess what? The Egghead Arc is coming with everything!

Set Date and Mysterious Episode Titles

Write it down: January 7, 2024, the premiere of the Egghead Arc. In episode 1089, we’ll already have a sneak peek of what’s to come, with a cool promo. And, look, @ScotchInformer on X has already given a spoiler about the titles of the next episodes: “New Island! Egghead Future Island” and “Full of Future! Adventure in the Land of Science”. But hey, these titles are still not certain, okay?

Okay, from January 7th, “One Piece: Egghead Arc” starts to be shown. We will have a new opening called “A–su!” by Hiroshi Kitadani, the same guy who sang “We Are!”, the first opening of the anime. And there’s more: a new ending, “Dear Sunrise”, in the voice of Maki Otsuki, who already sang “Memories”, the first ending. And there are still a lot of new people in the cast, like Yohei Tadano, Aya Hirano, and several others.

Episode 1089 is called “Entering a New Chapter! The paths of Luffy and Sabo.” The promo is promising high emotions, with Luffy and his friends chasing their dream of being King of the Pirates, while Sabo is in a mess with the murder of King Cobra. These two are sailing in rough seas, and we’ll be able to follow everything on Crunchyroll.

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