One Piece: Dorry and Brogy in Egghead, explained

One Piece: Dorry And Brogy In Egghead, Explained Dorry And Brogy On Egghead One P.webp

In the exciting world of One Piece, the Egghead Island arc kept us hooked with its dynamic plot and surprising twists. As the fearsome Buster Call unfolded, author Eiichiro Oda prepared fans for a monumental event. The island was practically besieged and devastated by the marines, under the command of Admiral Kizaru and Saint Saturn, one of the Five Elders.

Your objective? Eliminate Vegapunk, a central figure in this saga. However, the efforts of the Straw Hat Pirates ensured precarious protection for Vegapunk, although victory seemed distant. Fans speculated about an external intervention, which, to everyone’s surprise, came in the form of Dorry and Brogy, giant warriors from the past.

Mysterious and Strategic Arrival

At the climax of chapter 1105, an enigmatic group appears on Egghead Island, revealing itself by destroying Navy ships hunting escaped scientists. Commanded by Saint Saturn to murder the scientists and bury their knowledge on the island, the attackers did not count on the intervention of this mysterious group. In the end, the Navy tries to warn Kizaru about the arrival of the “Giant Warrior Pirates”, a name that until then generated speculation among fans about their true identity.

The Value of Dorry and Brogy

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Oda surprised us again in chapter 1106, reintroducing Dorry and Brogy, memorable characters from the Alabasta Saga, now unexpected allies on Egghead Island. Their presence is not just a throwback to past adventures, but a sign of tectonic shifts in the current landscape. They don’t arrive alone; They form the Giant Pirate Warriors, a force to be reckoned with and a key to the possible salvation of the Straw Hats.

Motivations and Deep Connections

One Piece: Dorry And Brogy In Egghead, Explained 1708352402 751 One Piece Dorry And Brogy In Egghead

Dorry and Brogy’s presence in Egghead raises questions about their motivations. His journey from Elbaf to here, although surprising, follows an internal logic considering the proximity between the locations and the speed of his large ship. Chapter 1106 clarifies: they came to Luffy’s aid, driven by their recognition of his identity as the Sun God, Nika. This in-depth knowledge about the legend of Nika and her connection to the giants hints at a broader, more intricate plot, where Dorry and Brogy play crucial roles.

The Future with the Warrior Giants

Dorry and Brogy’s contribution goes beyond just facilitating the Straw Hat Pirates’ escape; they promise to be catalysts for future developments, especially in the anticipated Elbaf arc. With the promise of insights into Nika and Elbaf’s secrets, Luffy’s journey in search of One Piece gains new layers of complexity and excitement. Fans eagerly await upcoming battles, revelations, and the growing influence of the Giant Pirate Warriors on the narrative. This is a defining moment, not only for the current saga, but for the future of One Piece, reinforcing the expectation that Elbaf’s arc will be pivotal in the plot.

The One Piece anime is available on Crunchyroll.

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