One Piece: every Yonko commander’s Haki, ranked

One Piece: Every Yonko Commander'S Haki, Ranked Yonko Comandantes Haki.webp

The Yonko Commanders are dominant figures in the One Piece universe, wielding considerable power. They are prominent members of the most feared pirate crews on the seas, exercising great control over vast areas of the New World.

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These notorious pirates are known for their high bounties, often reaching or surpassing the billion mark, reflecting the level of threat they pose to the World Government and the Marines. Additionally, these commanders are adept at using Haki, a vital skill in combat, although there is significant variation in their skills and styles.

Haki: A Vital Battle Tool

Understanding Haki Types: Observation and Weaponry

Analysis of Specific Characters and Their Haki Styles

Smoothie: The Hidden Force

Smoothie, from the Big Mom crew, with a reward of 932 million. Known for her use of Shibo Shibo no Mi, but her skills in Haki, both Armament and Observation, are poorly documented.

queen: The Technological Giant

Queen from the Beasts Pirates holds a bounty of 1.320 billion. She stands out for her Devil Fruit and her scientific innovations. She skillfully uses Armament Haki, surpassing Observation Haki in skill.

King: The Flaming Lunarian

King, with a bounty of 1.390 billion, is known for his Lunarian lineage and use of the Zoan Pteranodon Devil Fruit. He employs both Armament and Observation Haki masterfully.

Jinbei: The Warrior of the Sea

Jinbe, an officer of the Straw Hat Pirates, displays exceptionally strong Armament Haki, capable of matching Fishman Karate.

Cracker: The Wall of Haki

Cracker, although not one of the strongest among the Yonko Commanders, has an extremely resistant Armament Haki, challenging even Luffy at times.

Yasopp: The Precise Shooter

Yasopp of the Red-Haired Pirates is an elite sniper whose Observation Haki is recognized as one of the best, complementing his shooting skills.

Sanji: The Subtle Mastery

Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates, with a bounty of 1.032 billion, is notable for his exceptional use of Observation Haki, surpassing even Luffy in certain aspects.

Charlotte Katakuri: The Seer

Katakuri, commander of the Big Mom Pirates, masters all three types of Haki, with an emphasis on his advanced Observation Haki that allows him to predict the future.

Ben Beckman: The Silent Strategist

Beckman, vice-captain of the Red-Haired Pirates, is known for his extremely powerful Haki, comparable to that of a Marine Admiral.

Roronoa Zoro: The Sword Master

Zoro, of the Straw Hat Pirates, is an exceptional user of Haki, mastering all three types and using the advanced form to enhance his sword skills.

Conclusion: The Diversity and Power of Haki Among Yonko Commanders

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Each of these Yonko commanders brings a unique approach to the use of Haki, reflecting their personalities, fighting styles, and heritages. The diversity in their abilities and the way each of them adapts Haki to their needs in combat illustrate the richness and complexity of the One Piece universe.

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