One Piece: Is the first Joy Boy alive?

One Piece: Is The First Joy Boy Alive? Joy Boy Buccaneer A.webp

Joy Boy, a mysterious and fundamental character in the universe of One Piece, was initially mentioned during the Fishman Island arc. Since then, he has become an enigma that has piqued fans’ curiosity. It is evident that Joy Boy played a crucial role in the ancient kingdom and stood out as a figure of great importance in that era.

The Revelation in Wano Country

New Discoveries About Joy Boy

In the Wano Country arc, fans were introduced to additional information about Joy Boy, including his identification with the character known as the Liberation Warrior. A surprising revelation is that Luffy is currently recognized as Joy Boy, implying that the Joy Boy title is passed down. This suggests that the original Joy Boy from the Empty Century shared the same title as Luffy. There is speculation that Joy Boy may still be alive, possibly as a character already introduced in the Egghead Island arc.

Joy Boy’s Legacy and Death

A Legendary Character and His End

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Joy Boy, an individual of great power in the Void Century, is remembered for his friendships with several races, including the Fishman. Also known as Nika, the Sun God, he was venerated and considered a liberator of slaves, bringing smiles and hope. Their fight against evil forces and the World Government unfortunately culminated in the defeat of the Old Kingdom. Despite his death, there are theories that suggest that Joy Boy may still exert influence in the world of One Piece.

Joy Boy and the Buccaneers

The Special Connection

One Piece: Is The First Joy Boy Alive? 1706991236 799 One Piece Is The First Joy Boy Alive.webp

The relationship between Joy Boy and the Buccaneers is a point of interest. Although not explicitly confirmed, there is evidence linking Joy Boy, who possessed the power of the Nika fruit, to the Buccaneers. They worshiped Nika and had deep knowledge about him. The relationship between Nika and the Buccaneers is reinforced by references to objects such as the giant straw hat in Marijoa, suggesting a physical connection between Nika and the Buccaneers.

Initially, the Buccaneers were seen as powerful giants, but recent revelations point to a special ability: the ability to transmit their will to others, including inanimate objects. This ability is illustrated by the existence of Kuma, who even after being transformed into a Pacifist by the World Government, retains his original will and ideals.

Joy Boy and the Iron Giant

A Manifestation of Will

One Piece: Is The First Joy Boy Alive? 1706991236 52 One Piece Is The First Joy Boy Alive.webp

The Buccaneers’ special ability may explain the creation of the Iron Giant. The advanced technology of the Void Century and the power of the Buccaneers indicate that one of them could have transferred his will to the Giant. The simultaneous awakening of Kuma and the Iron Giant, with the arrival of Luffy as the new Joy Boy, suggests a deep connection between these elements. The Iron Giant could be a physical manifestation of the first Joy Boy, which would be a significant twist for the series.

“One Piece”, available to read on Viz Media, Manga Plus and Shonen Jump, continues to surprise its fans. The next chapter, One Piece 1105, is scheduled for January 28, 2024, promising more exciting revelations and developments.

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