One Piece: Oda Sets Up Next Big Arc

One Piece: Oda Sets Up Next Big Arc Dorry Brogy Shanks .Webp

The Egghead Island arc in “One Piece” is moving forward at full speed, marking a decisive moment in the series’ final saga. This arc not only introduced the last phase of the story with great enthusiasm, but also laid the foundation for the upcoming events. Fan expectations are at a peak, eager for this story to unfold and what it promises for the future of the series.

Decisive Showdown on Egghead Island

Currently, the narrative is at a critical juncture, with the Straw Hat Pirates facing a Buster Call from the Navy. Egghead Island, where Dr. Vegapunk conducted his research into the Poneglyphs, is under threat of being completely destroyed by an overwhelming military force.

This force includes hundreds of ships, including giant warships, and a contingent of 30,000 sailors led by nine vice admirals, one admiral, and a member of the Five Elders, Saturn. Saturn’s presence on the battlefield, seeking to execute Kuma and Bonney, signals the climax of the arc, with the order given to eradicate Vegapunk, Luffy, and their allies.

Crucial Developments and Unexpected Allies

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Chapter 1106 brought significant twists, highlighting the arrival of Dorry and Brogy, giant warriors who were not expected at this point in the story.

They emerged to facilitate the escape of Luffy and his crew, destroying Navy ships that were pursuing Egghead’s scientists. Dorry and Brogy’s intervention, motivated by Luffy’s recognition as the Sun God and the Liberation Warrior, highlights the importance of this alliance in the context of the plot.

Next Destination: Elbaf

One Piece: Oda Sets Up Next Big Arc 1708388650 929 One Piece Oda Sets Up Next Big Arc.webp

The Straw Hat Pirates’ next stop is confirmed to be the island of Elbaf, a development now made official in the manga. Elbaf’s proximity was previously mentioned by Vegapunk, and Dorry and Brogy’s participation points in this direction as the natural sequel after Egghead’s arc.

Elbaf promises to be a major arc, potentially revealing secrets from the last Road Poneglyph and providing meaningful reunions between characters such as Robin and Saul, Usopp and Yasopp, and, crucially, Luffy and Shanks.

One Piece remains available for official reading through Viz Media, with fans being able to follow the series through both the Shonen Jump app and Manga Plus. The next chapter, scheduled for February 4, 2024, promises to be a milestone in the saga, as the story progresses towards Elbaf, anticipating adventures and challenges that await Luffy and his crew in the land of giants.

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