One Piece: The Five Elders’ Strength Level, Explained

One Piece: The Five Elders' Strength Level, Explained One Piece Five Elders Names And 1.Webp

The Five Elders are showing off in the final stretch of One Piece. The more the story progresses, the more they stand out. Now, we have one of them, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, getting up to no good on Egghead Island, where he is the big villain of the moment. Saturn’s active participation in this arc signals that the Five Elders will play a crucial role in the unfolding of the plot.

Since One Piece entered its final phase, fans have been waiting to see what the Five Elders have up their sleeves. And it’s no wonder, because the small samples of power we’re seeing, especially from Saturn, are making everyone curious to discover the real power of these characters.

Who Are the Five Elders?

The Five Elders are like the bosses of the World Government, at least that’s how it seems to most people. But, in reality, the one who really rules them is Imu. To the outside world, they are the greatest authority. For a long time, people thought they were just bureaucrats, but the final saga came to change that view: the Five Elders are monsters both in politics and in fighting.

Even before this revelation, they were already intimidating in general. Ruling the world, they decided what was or wasn’t prohibited information, and they could erase an entire country from the map if they wanted. Poneglyphs are a classic example of this. Not to mention that, except for Imu, they have the final say over everyone in the World Government, including the Celestial Dragons.

The Sinister Powers of the Five Elders

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When it comes to power, the Five Elders are not messing around. We got a glimpse of this in Sabo’s Reverie flashback. He saw the Five Elders showing their true forms with Devil Fruit powers, and the thing was so sinister that Sabo even tried to finish them off, but it didn’t happen.

The Five Elders have powers reminiscent of Japanese Yokai, with Mythical Zoan abilities of legendary creatures. So far, we only know the power of one of them: the Ushi Oni of Saint Saturn, which is a mix of an ox and a spider, a creature from Japanese folklore with absurd power.

The Strength of the Five Elders

One Piece: The Five Elders' Strength Level, Explained 1709499237 493 One Piece The Five Elders Strength Level

Speaking of strength, the Five Elders are top notch. Saint Saturn has already shown that he can beat up Luffy in Gear 5 and Sanji, who isn’t just anyone. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, including a regeneration power that leaves him practically immortal.

Comparing Forces

If we are to compare, São Saturno is on another level. He took beatings that would leave many on the ground and recovered as if nothing had happened. Comparing it to Luffy’s other fights, you can see that Saturn is much stronger than many opponents Luffy has faced.

On Egghead Island, things are on fire. Luffy is facing Saturn, while Sanji takes Kizaru. This already gives an idea that Saint Saturn is thicker than Kizaru, which places him among the strongest in One Piece. We still have to see more of what he’s capable of, but one thing is certain: he’s one of the big names in the series.

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