One Piece: What is the Buccaneers’ hidden power?

One Piece: What Is The Buccaneers' Hidden Power? Buccaneer Race Power One.webp

The Egghead Island arc of the acclaimed manga series One Piece has been an exciting journey for followers of the series, marked by significant narrative developments.

This arc not only deepened the plots involving the famous Straw Hat Pirates, but also expanded horizons by addressing stories of other key characters such as members of the Worst Generation and the Yonkou. The brilliance of this arc is undeniable, which also managed to embrace elements of the enigmatic Century of the Void, bringing special attention to one of the ancestral races, the Buccaneers.

A highlight of the arc was the revelation about Kuma, a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, as belonging to the Buccaneer race. Until then shrouded in mystery, the special power of this race in the manga universe began to be revealed, instigating the curiosity of fans.

The Mysteries of the Buccaneer Breed

The existence of the Buccaneer race was initially mentioned by Saint Saturn, one of the Five Elders, during the Egghead Island arc. Kuma’s long-suspected racial identity was finally confirmed, triggering a series of revelations about his tragic past and the persecution suffered by his race. The Buccaneers stand out for their gigantic stature, although they do not reach the size of the real giants in the world of One Piece.

Kuma’s past is marked by tragedies linked to his heritage as a Buccaneer, including the enslavement and death of members of his family by the Holy Land of Marijoa. The Buccaneers, despite their difficult history, have remarkable strength, evidenced in Kuma’s fight against Saturn. This clash showed not only his physical strength, but also his extraordinary resilience.

The Buccaneers’ Power Conundrum

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Chapter 1104 of One Piece hinted at a secret ability of the Buccaneers, still unknown to fans. This ability, suggested by the character Vegapunk, may be related to willpower, a striking characteristic of this race. The hypothesis is that the Buccaneers can pass on their willpower, even after death, a concept that aligns with the theory of Inherited Will.

One Piece continues to be a work in constant evolution, with new chapters available to fans through Viz Media, Shonen Jump and Manga Plus. The next chapter, One Piece 1105, is set to be released on January 28, 2024, promising more revelations about the intriguing Buccaneers and their connection to the mysteries of the world of One Piece.

One Piece is available on Crunchyroll.

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