One Piece: Why did Kuma send Luffy to Amazon Lily?

One Piece: Why Did Kuma Send Luffy To Amazon Lily? Luffy And Lily.webp

In the One Piece universe, Bartholomew Kuma, former warlord of the sea, plays an intriguing role in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. His decision to send Monkey D. Luffy and his crew to different parts of the world, including Amazon Lily, home of the Kuja Tribe, is a move full of meanings and implications. This action not only disperses the Straw Hat crew members, but also opens up new perspectives and challenges for Luffy on his journey.

Strategic Protection

Kuma’s choice to send Luffy specifically to Amazon Lily is not random. As a character with deep convictions and ties to the Revolutionary Army, Kuma seeks to protect Luffy. His belief in the legend of the sun, God Nika, and his affinity with Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father, reveal his altruistic intentions. By using his Paw Paw Devil Fruit power to separate the crew, he aims to prevent the government from capturing them and gives them time to regroup, preparing for the challenges of the New World. Kuma realizes that the Straw Hat pirates, despite their potential, are not yet ready to face the dangers of the New World.

Luffy’s Impact and Kuma’s Response

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Luffy, known for causing a stir wherever he goes, draws attention by challenging authorities like the Celestial Dragons. This act of rebellion reminds Kuma of God Nika and reinforces his decision to send the crew to safety. Choosing Amazon Lily, an island ruled by an empress who despises men and where even the World Government hesitates to intervene, is a shrewd move. It’s the last place the government would expect to find Luffy.

Preparation for the New World

Kuma also facilitates the meeting between Luffy and Silver Rayleigh, the right-hand man of the legendary Pirate King Roger. Rayleigh is a key figure, offering training and knowledge, especially on Haki, a vital skill for survival in the New World. Rayleigh’s past experience with the Kuja tribe and her connection to Boa Hancock elucidate Luffy’s acceptance into Amazon Lily. Thus, Kuma not only protects Luffy, but also prepares him for future battles and challenges.

Forging Future Alliances

As the One Piece saga progresses, the importance of Kuma’s actions becomes increasingly evident. His sending Luffy to Amazon Lily may have been a strategic step towards forging a future alliance between the Straw Hats and the Kuja tribe. With Hancock’s growing crush on Luffy, the Kuja tribe’s loyalty to the Straw Hats seems assured. Although there is still mystery surrounding Kuma’s true intentions and his possible connection to the Kuja and Hancock tribe, his choice appears to have been a well-thought-out move for the long game in One Piece.

Overall, Kuma emerges as a complex and farsighted character whose actions in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc have significant implications for the development of the series and the future of the main characters.

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