One-Punch Man illustrator shows more videos from the anime Zaiyuki

One-Punch Man Illustrator Shows More Videos From The Anime Zaiyuki Zaiyuki Anime Pv Policia Police Preso

Yusuke Muratathe illustrator of One-Punch Man It is Eyeshield 21revealed new videos of his Zaiyuki anime project that is being animated on his Village Studio.

Zaiyuki is an anime that is based on the classic story of Journey to the West (which inspired, for example, Dragon Ball). The characters are inspired by that story, just as each of Murata's designs puts its own spin on the classics.

The first part of the anime project shows Zaiyuki, a young kappa (Japanese mythical creature), who doesn't act like one: he doesn't know how to swim, always loses in sumo matches and hates cucumbers. He tries to redeem his value as a kappa by betting everything on the lottery and ends up winning the grand prize of a tour package to India. But he gets into trouble as soon as he arrives at the airport.

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