Only one Dragon Ball character did the impossible: killed Shenron

Only One Dragon Ball Character Did The Impossible: Killed Shenron Shenron.webp


He knows, Shenron, that mythical dragon from “Dragon Ball”, is like a VIP in the series’ universe. The guy can grant any wish if you gather the seven Earth Dragon Balls. He is such a top figure that everyone thought he was untouchable, until something unbelievable happened: one of the characters managed to kill Shenron. And it wasn’t just killing, it was like very easy.

The first time Shenron showed up was when Emperor Pilaf called him to make a request. Pilaf wanted to rule and rule the world with the help of the dragon. That was the first time that people saw Shenron’s power in action. He seemed capable of doing anything, but he has some limits, like not being able to transform Goku into a Super Saiyan God in “Dragon Ball Super”. This kind of showed that Shenron is not all-powerful.

Now, talking about the most shocking episode: in chapter 148 of “Dragon Ball”, King Piccolo, who is basically the evil version of Piccolo, managed to gather the Dragon Balls and called Shenron. He asked to be young again, which gave him a power-up like that. Normally, after fulfilling a wish, Shenron gives up and scatters the Dragon Balls throughout the world. But before he could do that, King Piccolo sent a blast and killed Shenron in a very sinister scene, with dragon debris everywhere.

Piccolo, the Shenron Killer?

Piccolo’s Unexpected and Brutal Encounter with the Dragon

Thinking about Piccolo, who is kind of a supporting character next to Goku and Vegeta, killing a mystical being like Shenron seems crazy. But, looking closely at Piccolo’s origins, it kind of makes sense. He was created from the darkness inside Kami, who is like a Namekian god and the guy who created the Dragon Balls and gave life to Shenron. So, if Kami created the dragon, it makes sense that Piccolo, who is kind of his antithesis, would have the power to kill the dragon.

Despite this, it still seems a bit absurd that Piccolo killed Shenron. The dragon is a being on another level, which gives incredible powers and even touches the line between life and death. Piccolo is strong, but he’s always been somewhat in the shadows, better known for training people and sacrificing himself in fights than for epic victories. However, finding out that he actually killed Shenron makes us think that maybe Piccolo deserves more credit. After all, he is the only one who managed to do what seemed impossible in the “Dragon Ball” universe: he killed Shenron.

Only One Dragon Ball Character Did The Impossible: Killed Shenron 1706703328 938 Only One Dragon Ball Character Did The Impossible Killed Shenron.webp

Just imagine, a character that many people see as a standard fighter, with no major highlights, being the guy who defeated such an iconic and powerful being. This is like a twist worthy of a thriller movie. We always saw Piccolo as a cool character, but kind of secondary, you know? He is always there, providing support, training others, sacrificing himself… but we never see him as the great hero of the story. Then out of nowhere, the guy shows that he has enough power to eliminate Shenron, a dragon that is practically a god. It’s time to stop and think: maybe we’re underestimating Piccolo.

And this whole story also brings a reflection on the power and limits within the “Dragon Ball” universe. If a character like Piccolo, who is neither the strongest nor the most prominent, manages to kill Shenron, it kind of messes up our entire notion of strength and hierarchy in this world. You can even start to question what else could happen and who else could surprise.

Piccolo’s Surprise: The Underrated Fighter

The Impact of Piccolo’s Feat on the “Dragon Ball” Universe

So, when we stop to think about it, this event is not just a shocking curiosity in the series. It’s a reminder that in “Dragon Ball,” even characters who seem to always be in the background can have their moments of glory and power. Piccolo killing Shenron is a perfect example of this. Who would have thought that Piccolo, who often seems like just one of so many incredible fighters, would have such an impressive feat on his resume?

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