OsaMake author was disillusioned with the anime

Osamake Author Was Disillusioned With The Anime Osamake 800K 2

The anime series adaptation of the novel Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Come (A Romantic Comedy Where the Childhood Friend Absolutely Will Not Lose) premiered in April 2024, but its author, Shūichi Nimaruhe was not at all pleased with the anime.

Nimaru shared his displeasure via Twitter, revealing that his experience with the anime series caused him great personal suffering.

In your message on the social network, Nimaru admitted that he only managed to watch the first two episodes of the anime before despairing and stopping following the series. Although he tried to continue seeing her with the support of his friends, he was once again forced to abandon her due to the disappointment she caused him. This experience had a profound impact on the author, who confessed to having been in a state of shock for six months, facing difficulties in returning to his creative work and becoming involved in alcohol consumption.

The anime adaptation of “Osamake” also had an impact on sales of the original light novels. Although the first volume was notably successful with 19 reprints in 22 months, sales stagnated after the anime’s release, with zero reprints even three years after its adaptation.

Nimaru explained that the disappointment arose from the disparity between the original vision of the story and the interpretation made by the anime production team. The author was frustrated to see how key elements of his work were altered or misrepresented in the anime adaptation, which affected his emotional connection to the project.

Despite the challenges and emotional damage caused by this experience, Nimaru promised to move forward and improve his work.. He expressed his determination to continue writing and completing his work in hopes of overcoming this disappointment and regaining the success he had achieved with the original light novels.

In the comments we can read:

  • How can you be so unfaithful to the source material without adding original content to the anime?
  • A romantic comedy about a childhood friend who never loses? I didn’t see it, but was it that bad?
  • Except for the break dancing at the cultural festival, the designs weren’t that bad. The biggest problem is that I couldn’t understand the content despite it being a romantic comedy. I thought it would be a normal romantic comedy, but then the regrettable encounter started like a montage
  • Is it possible to stop buying the original novels just because you didn’t like the adaptation?
  • It seems like the original author interfered with the script and storyboards, but what went wrong? The animation? The drawings?
  • I think because of their involvement they didn’t have time to improve the animation. It usually happens when the original author interferes and the animation falls apart
  • I’m glad you can blame the anime when your work stagnates and becomes boring.
  • The anime adaptation is a bet in these cases

The animation is from the studio Doga Kobo (New Game!, Ikebukuro West Gate Park), the direction and character design is by Takashi Naoya (Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru) and the argument is Yoriko Tomita (The Miss Beelzebub Likes).

The story revolves around Sueharu Maru, a 17-year-old student who has never had a girlfriend, and the “heroine battle” between his beautiful first crush Shirokusa Kachi and her childhood friend Kuroha Shida.

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OsaMake began to be published with illustrations by Ui Shigure in June 2019. A manga adaptation began publication by Ryō Itō at Comic Alive in November 2019.

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