Overrated anime according to the Japanese

Members of a popular comment forum in Japan got into a heated debate about anime that they consider “overvalued”. This term refers to those works that, according to some fans, have received excessive attention and recognition in relation to their real quality or their impact on the industry.

In the world of anime, the perception of a series like “overvalued” can arise for several reasons. Some of them include a major marketing campaign that increases the popularity of a series, the influence of nostalgia surrounding certain classics, or even the media overexposure that some productions receive, leading to a distorted perception of their real value.

This debate reflects the diversity of opinions within the anime community, where each viewer has their own tastes and criteria for evaluating works. Some forum members argue that certain series are overrated due to a weak plot, underdeveloped characters, or an animation style that doesn’t meet expectations.

However, it is important to remember that the perception of a series as “overvalued” is subjective and can vary considerably between different viewers. What some consider a masterpiece, others may consider overvalued:

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