Pan Piano surprises with sensual outfits from Sousou no Frieren

Pan Piano Surprises With Sensual Outfits From Sousou No Frieren Portada Sousou No Frieren 54

We have already talked many times about the popular YouTuber “Piano Bread“, who is originally from Taiwan and is known for performing anime musical themes on piano while wearing a cosplay of one of the girls from the franchise. Of course, her videos are more popular for the latter, especially since she wears less and less clothing while performing.

This is precisely why his videos become quite popular easily, although it is also true that some have already expressed dissatisfaction with “his clickbait tactics”, referring to the thumbnails of her videos where she almost appears naked. Anyway, leaving that aside, it was evident that I was eventually going to prepare some videos dedicated to the “Sousou no Frieren (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End)” and it did not disappoint.

  • In her first video she appears in a Fern outfit while performing the closing theme song, titled “Anytime Anywhere” by Milet. In some moments of the video you can see her lingerie underneath the dress, referring to the “Spell to See Under Clothes” that Frieren teaches her.
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  • In a second, more recent video, he appears in a Frieren outfit although he does not play any songs. The video is only dedicated to making a unboxing from the original volumes of the manga, while wearing a sensual Chinese outfit (a qipao) in reference to Frieren’s original outfit.

And of course, his videos did not go unnoticed or exempt from jokes about “not paying attention to the music because you are busy watching something else“:

  • «When Fern uses the spell to see through clothes, we actually see that it’s a milk factory.».
  • «I expected the spell to expand until it covered the entire body.».
  • «I love the duality in your videos, between being extremely good at playing the piano and being super sexy. You are very good, keep up the good work».
  • «As beautiful as Fern and talented as she is (although with a piano instead of magic)».
  • «You are the best at playing guitar, or whatever I could hear in the distance».
  • «I really live for these beautiful guitar covers».
  • «You are as talented as you are beautiful, bravo».
  • «I like this Fern from a different world where extreme sensuality is breathed, and even her clothes are transparent».
  • «I love that Pan Piano is so faithful to the story. The magic of seeing through clothes is incredible».
  • «I was quite enthralled with the beautiful melody, but then a beautiful half-naked woman appeared».
  • «Those breasts have anti-gravity magic».
  • «It seems that the sound of the piano is the magic that turns clothes transparent».
  • «These videos are an auditory and visual delight, especially visual».

Source: Youtube


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