‘Reference, not theft’: Jujutsu Kaisen animator criticizes plagiarism allegation

'Reference, Not Theft': Jujutsu Kaisen Animator Criticizes Plagiarism Allegation Yuji Itadori Jujutsu Kaisen.webp

Recently, a controversy arose involving the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”, specifically its 2nd season. The controversy centers on allegations that the series is plagiarizing scenes from other famous franchises, including “My Hero Academia”. The issue gained traction on social media, especially on X (formerly known as Twitter), where fans pointed out similarities between scenes from “Jujutsu Kaisen” and other popular works, such as “Birdy the Mighty: Decode” and even the live-action film “The Raid 2”. This phenomenon was so notable that the series was nicknamed “Copy Kaisen”.

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Director Itsuki Tsuchigami’s Defense and Perspective

Itsuki Tsuchigami, animator and episode director for the series, addressed these allegations, emphasizing the tradition of referencing other works in Japanese animation. He mentioned examples such as “Yuusha Paasu” (Hero’s Perspective) and “Akira Bike Slides”, highlighting how common and accepted these references are in the field. Tsuchigami defended the practice of making clear references as long as they fit the tone of the anime. He also clarified that such tributes are common in the industry, citing examples of inspirations he used in his episodes.

Nakaya Onsen Reviews and the Question of Originality

Nakaya Onsen, another animator on the series, also spoke out, commenting on specific allegations that he had copied scenes from the film “The Matrix”. Onsen argued that the similarities are inevitable, given the limited movement in fight scenes, and called some of the accusations “disgusting.”

Conclusion and Anticipation for Continuation

While the debate over plagiarism and inspiration in “Jujutsu Kaisen” continues, fans have the opportunity to watch both the referenced works and seasons of “Jujutsu Kaisen” available on Crunchyroll. With the recent announcement of a sequel to the 2nd season, adapting the “Culling Game” arc, fan expectations only increase, keeping the series in the spotlight both for its qualities and the controversies it raises.

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