Rumor: Bayonetta Trilogy on Nintendo Switch 2

Rumor: Bayonetta Trilogy On Nintendo Switch 2 1704055093 Bayonetta 3 Visual

Rumor: Bayonetta Trilogy On Nintendo Switch 2 Bayonetta 3 Visual

A Nintendo has not officially announced the Nintendo Switch 2but a rumor already points to three games that will be released for the successor to Nintendo Switch. Previous rumors indicate that 2024 will be the launch year of the Nintendo Switch 2.

The leaker @NWeedle has now come forward with the information that the Nintendo will release all three main games of Bayonetta stop at Switch 2 in a package that can be called Bayonetta Trilogy. It is also mentioned that Bayonetta Trilogy will also take advantage of hardware improvements from Nintendo Switch two making games perform better and present HDR.

For now this is nothing more than a rumor and until the release of Nintendo Switch 2 has not yet been officially confirmed.

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