Rumor: Kindergarten Wars will get an anime

Rumor: Kindergarten Wars Will Get An Anime Kindergarten Wars Vol 1 Cover 2

The manga Kindergarten Wars (Youchien Wars) by You Chiba came in second place in the TOP of manga that the Japanese most want to see get an anime in 2024 and this wish may be closer to reality with the registration of a logo related to the work in Japan, which could indicate that an anime is being planned. For now, no information has officially been revealed.

Kindergarten Wars combines elements of action and romantic comedy, and was originally released as a standalone series, transitioning to a traditional serialization starting with Chapter 20 on September 15, 2022, due to its growing popularity among readers.

Synopsis of Kindergarten Wars

Welcome to Kindergarten Noir, an exclusive institution attended by children of prominent global figures. In this unique scenario, Professor Rita, while actively searching for a romantic partner, found it difficult to find a suitable match. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when an extremely attractive killer, who targets children, enters the scene. What follows is a thrilling mix of action, romance and humor as this captivating story unfolds within the confines of the world’s safest kindergarten!

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