Rumor: MSI Portable Console will be called Claw Handheld

Rumor: Msi Portable Console Will Be Called Claw Handheld 1704468662 Msi Handheld Gaming Console Teaser Screenshot

A MSI surprised everyone and everything by announcing that he will present at CES 2024 a device similar to Steam Deck, ROG Ally It is Lenovo GO. Although we are just a few days away from the long-awaited technology event, we won’t need to wait to find out what the technology will look like and Claw Handhendthat is, of course, if the leak from a store and tests on the device are confirmed.

It appears to be a black version of ROG Ally with the screen size of the Lenovo GO. According to the information presented, the model will have a processor Intel Core Ultra 7 155H 16 cores, 22 threads with an impressive 3.8 GHz base and 4.8 GHz with boost. The chip also has a 24 MB L3 cache and its standard TDP is 28W.

It should be noted that the processor has an iGPU based on Arc Xe-LPG – with 8 Xe-Cores 2.25 GHz frequency with support for all APIs and features such as XeSS and Raytracing. The laptop MSI also had its first benchmarks revealed through the Geekbench 6. The variant presented is classified as “A1M” and will be based on the MS-1T41 motherboard.

According to the information presented, the laptop MSI obtained practically the same score as the ROG Ally at the Geekbench 6, that is, 11,543 points in the multicore tests and 2,403 in single-core. However, what seems to separate the MSI of its competitors is its RAM memory capacity. While all its competitors are equipped with 16GB, the Claw Handheld it will be equipped with 32GB of LPDDR5x RAM memory.

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