SAND LAND shows the Uniride vehicle in action

Sand Land 2023 Veiculo Screen.jpg

A Bandai Namco Entertainment and the ILCA Inc. released a new trailer for SAND LAND focused on the Uniride vehicle.

In the description of SAND LAND we can read the following:

Immerse yourself in a desert world where humans and demons suffer from an extreme shortage of water.

Embody the demon prince, Beelzebub, Sheriff Rao and the Thief and go on an adventure in search of a legendary spring hidden in the desert.

Self-described as a “super evil” demon, Beelzebub has an innocent heart like a child, but also possesses superhuman strength and telepathic abilities.

Rao, a small-town sheriff, seeks the help of demons to save all of SAND LAND from water shortages.

Thief, a wise old demon with thief skills also accompanies Beelzebub and Rao on their adventure.

With Beelzebub, players will be able to explore a vast world accompanied by his unlikely group of demons and humans.

Whether aboard vehicles or on foot, players will encounter dangers and allies in the vast desert as they discover the many secrets of SAND LAND. Vehicle and character combat are the main highlights of the game.

Players will have access to a variety of vehicles that they can customize and equip with equipment to traverse the desert, overcome obstacles and face a variety of powerful enemies.

SAND LAND is a popular manga created in 2000 by Akira Toriyama, the author of Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump, which has received worldwide popularity since its publication.

SAND LAND is being developed for the Playstation 4, Xbox one, PlayStation 5 It is PRAÇA (Steam). A release date has not yet been announced.

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