Season 3 of Jujutsu Kaisen will have the most brutal arc yet – The Culling Game

Season 3 Of Jujutsu Kaisen Will Have The Most Brutal Arc Yet – The Culling Game Jjk Culling Game 2.Webp

So, guys, let’s talk a little about what happened and what’s to come in “Jujutsu Kaisen“! So, the second season ended in December 2023 with that heartbreaking Shibuya Arc, right? It was a blow to everyone who follows the series.

But look, it didn’t take long and they already dropped the bomb for the next season, called “The Culling Game Arc”. Everyone is still trying to recover from last season’s devastating ending, but now we have to prepare for this new season, which promises to be the most sinister of all.

Let’s talk about the trailer they released, shall we? Shortly after the last episode of the second season, a teaser for the third season was released on the internet. They posted it on the anime’s official website and also on Toho Animation’s YouTube channel.

The trailer is short, just 20 seconds, and shows a little of what’s to come with Pseudo-Geto, Yuta and Itadori. But what’s interesting is that they used panels from the manga instead of the usual animation, probably because it’s still in production. And regarding the release date, there is talk that it could be in the summer of 2025, but that is not yet certain.

Now, let’s understand “The Culling Game Arc” better. After all that mess with the Shibuya Incident, Yuki Tsukumo will face off against Kenjaku, who has some pretty crazy ideas about cursed energy.

The guy believes that humans can go far beyond what jujutsu sorcerers and cursed spirits have ever shown. Then he creates this “Culling Game”, which is basically a deadly battle royale where people fight to the death using cursed techniques. The objective of Kenjaku is to evolve humanity and prepare for a ritual that will bring Master Tengen together with the humans of Japan.

Next season is going to be intense, guys. The “Culling Game Arc” promises to be an all-out bloodbath, following the events of the Shibuya Incident. The third season will explore the consequences of this deadly competition, showing impactful deaths and heavy moral dilemmas. The themes of sacrifice, survival and the consequences of power will be further explored. The Culling Game is not just about fighting and tension, but also an exploration of how far the characters will go to survive.

So that’s it, “Jujutsu Kaisen” is coming with a bang in this third season and it promises to be the darkest yet. We can only hope that the adaptation lives up to the intensity of the manga and takes us to these unknown territories of the Culling Game. It’s going to be a season full of excitement and transformations, for sure!

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