See the 10 best Hunter x Hunter villains

Hunter x Hunter is not your typical anime series where good and evil are clearly defined. Here, morality is a gray landscape, with blurred lines between heroes and villains. As the story unfolds, this complexity only increases, offering an intriguing and deeply immersive experience. Of course, there are exceptions – the typical noble heroes and despicable villains – but for the most part, the characters in Hunter x Hunter inhabit a space where “good” and “evil” are fluid concepts, making them more fascinating and nuanced.

Villains, in particular, are an essential part of this complexity. Whether opposing characters like Gon, Killua and Kurapika, interacting with the supporting cast, or even in internal conflicts, they always capture viewers’ attention. Hunter x Hunter takes us to explore the depths of villains, delving into their motivations, philosophies and desires. The result is a set of fascinating antagonists, ranging from adorable to detestable, with incredible designs and unique abilities. From Machi Komacine of the Phantom Troupe to the Chimera Ants, the series features some of the most memorable villains in the world of anime.

10. Machi Komacine: The Initial Face of the Phantom Troupe

From Meteor City to the Phantom Troupe

Machi Komacine is a key player in introducing the Phantom Troupe to fans. Originally from Meteor City, a place of noncitizens, Machi joins the Troupe after a personal tragedy. She is not only a formidable shapeshifter, but also a pillar of strength and confidence within the group. Her quest for revenge against Hisoka, driven by guilt over the deaths of friends, promises to reveal even more about her complex character.

9. Illumi Zoldyck: The Undeniable Cruelty

Obsession and Manipulation

Illumi Zoldyck, Killua’s older brother, is a perfect example of cruelty and manipulation. Created to be a merciless killer, Illumi is a skilled manipulator, both in terms of skills and personal relationships, especially with Killua. His inclusion in the Phantom Troupe and his obsession with Hisoka add layers to his already intriguing personality.

8. Menthuthuyoupi: Brute Force and Evolution

The Loyal and Adaptable Guard

Menthuthuyoupi, or Youpi, begins as King Meruem’s loyal and direct guardian. Without the human influences of other guards, Youpi is a character focused exclusively on his mission. However, his experience during the palace invasion reveals an emotional and tactical evolution, making him one of the most powerful and multidimensional characters in the series.

7. Uvogin: Loyalty and Strength

The Value of a Fighter

Uvogin, a founding member of the Phantom Troupe, is the embodiment of brute strength and loyalty. His love of fighting, voracious appetite and dedication to his companions are as remarkable as his powerful Hatsu, the “Big Bang Impact”. His tragic end at the hands of Kurapika highlights his unwavering loyalty and code of honor.

6. Pakunoda: The Emotional Sacrifice

Unusual Loyalty and Compassion

Pakunoda, the ninth member of the Phantom Troupe, is a figure who aroused fans’ empathy, even bringing tears. Since her days in Meteor City, she has been a constant presence at Chrollo’s side, developing a loyalty and compassion rare for an assassin. Pakunoda, although not a frontline combatant, played a crucial role as an information gatherer, using her Nen Specialist abilities to access and implant memories. Her final sacrifice, to maintain the unity of the Troupe in the face of internal and external threats, was an act of extreme devotion, marking her as one of the series’ most memorable characters.

5. Neferpitou: The Transformation of a Predator

From Cruelty to Understanding

Neferpitou, the first and strongest of the Chimera Ant’s royal guards, is a character whose emotional evolution is as remarkable as his fighting skills. Initially portrayed as a merciless force, Pitou’s death of Kite was a significant turning point in the series, deeply affecting Gon and leading to Pitou’s own destruction. Interesting is how Pitou evolves, changing from a cruel and curious being to someone who understands the importance of protecting Komugi, King Meruem’s friend. This shift in priorities highlights the complexity of Pitou, who, despite being a Nen Expert with formidable skills, chooses protection over aggression in the end.

4. Shaiapouf: The Twisted Obsession

The Conflicted Royal Guard

Shaiapouf, the Chimera Ant’s second royal guard, represents a different kind of villainy. While Youpi and Pitou evolve in ways that humanize their personalities, Pouf remains faithful to an idealized and distorted vision of King Meruem. His love for the “perfect king” and his inability to accept King Meruem’s evolution into a more compassionate being make him one of the most complex and malevolent characters in the arc. Pouf, a skilled Manipulator, demonstrates a range of Nen abilities that complement his cunning nature, making him a formidable opponent both mentally and physically.

3. Hisoka Morow: The Agent of Chaos

The Infinite Search for Strong Fights

Hisoka Morow, perhaps Hunter x Hunter’s most iconic villain, is an embodiment of chaos and selfishness. With an insatiable desire for combat against strong opponents, Hisoka is a formidable strategist and fighter. His Hatsu, “Bungee Gum”, is a versatile weapon that reflects his unpredictable and dangerous nature. The defeat by Chrollo Lucilfer not only propelled Hisoka on a path of revenge, but also revealed a facet of his personality: despite his passion for challenges, Hisoka does not take defeat well.

2. Meruem: The Journey for Humanity

From Monster to Compassionate Being

Meruem, the King of the Chimera Ants, is a character whose journey questions the very notion of villainy. Initially, Meruem is a merciless being, determined for world domination. However, his interaction with Komugi triggers a profound transformation, revealing humanity’s capacity for compassion and love. His story ending, dying alongside Komugi after a final game of gungi, is both tragic and beautiful, highlighting the incredible depth and development of his character.

1. Chrollo Lucilfer: The Devoted Leader

Protection and Loyalty Above All

Chrollo Lucilfer, leader of the Phantom Troupe, is a character with many layers. Despite his ruthless nature as an assassin, Chrollo’s main driving force is protecting his comrades and Meteor City. His ability as a Nen Expert, which allows him to steal and use the abilities of others, is a reflection of his adaptability and intelligence. Chrollo’s current hunt for Hisoka, driven by revenge for the deaths of members of the Troupe, promises to be an epic showdown, potentially revealing even more about this enigmatic and complex character.

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