Seiyuu Radio no Ura Omote anime series will premiere in April 2024

The official website for the anime series adaptation of the novel Seiyuu Radio on Ura Omote (The Two Sides of Voice Actor Radio) by Kо̄ Nogatsu It is Sabamizore announced that the premiere will take place in April 2024 (Spring Anime Season).

It was also revealed that the opening theme will be “Now On Air” by Miku Itō. The single will be released on May 1st.

With animation by the studio CONNECT (Strike the Blood franchise, Armed Girl’s Machiavellism), directed by Hideki Tachibana (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?), the character design and animation direction is by Shoko Takimoto (Armed Girl’s Machiavellism) and the music is the responsibility of Keiichirō Ōchi (The Quintessential Quintuplets).

Miku Itō will lend his voice to Yasumi Utatane/Yumiko Satō, and Moe Toyota will be the real-life seiyuu of Yūhi Yūgure/Chika Watanabe. (Both also voiced the characters in a promotional video for the novel in 2020).

We also have:

  • Ikumi Hasegawa as Otome Sakuranamiki, a seiyuu who is like an older sister to Yumiko
  • Nao Tōyama as Yubisaki Mekuru, a seiyuu from Yūhi’s office

Seiyuu Radio on Ura Omote (The Two Sides of Voice Actor Radio) began publication in February 2020 and its 9th volume was released on December 8, 2023. A manga adaptation by Umemi Makimoto It began publication in March 2020 and ended in July 2021, with its 3rd and final volume being released in September 2021.

Synopsis for Seiyuu Radio no Ura Omote (The Two Sides of Voice Actor Radio)

The story follows Yūhi and Yasumi, who are seiyuu who attend the same school and are in the same class. They host a radio show together. However, Yasumi is actually Yumiko, a gyaru in real life, while Yūhi is actually Chika, a quiet girl. They are opposites in appearance and personality and argue when they are not on air.

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